Bucs Could Still Trade, Pass On Suh And McCoy

March 22nd, 2010

Pat Kirwan of NFL Radio believes some teams are so enamoured with offensive tackle Russell Okung, that the Bucs could pull off a massive trade.

Pat Kirwan, of NFL Radio, believes some teams are so enamoured with offensive tackle Russell Okung, that the Bucs could pull off a massive trade.

In recent weeks, Sirius NFL Radio’s Pat Kirwan stated how the Bucs were in perfect position to peddle their first round draft pick, No. 3 overall.

The way Kirwan spoke Monday, he’s leaning toward the Bucs perhaps trading their pick, even if manbeast Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy is on the board.

Kirwan had made the argument recently that if Suh or McCoy are not available for the Bucs to draft, several teams would be willing to trade with the Bucs in order to obtain quarterback Sam Bradford.

However, Kirwan, a former NFL front office executive, citing his numerous contacts throughout the league, stated that offensive tackle Russell Okung has shot up so many teams’ draft boards that a number of additional teams may be after the Bucs’ pick at No. 3.

Speaking Monday afternoon on his show, “Movin’ the Chains” with co-host Tim Ryan, broadcasting live from the NFL owners meeting is Orlando, Kirwan discussed the Bucs’ draft options.

“I think a team like Tampa, which is doing nothing in free agency, would love to get extra picks,” Kirwan said. “That will be big for them.”

If somehow both Bradford and Okung are still on the board when the Bucs pick at No. 3, Kirwan believes the Bucs just might be able to pull off a massive trade, loading up on picks.

33 Responses to “Bucs Could Still Trade, Pass On Suh And McCoy”

  1. zech Says:

    I would love for the bucs to trade back and pick up more picks and then they could draft mcclain or spillar or golden tate

  2. Aldo Says:

    i stand in my position, the best scenario for the bucs is a trade with seattle, get his first round picks and draft Eric Berry and Brian Price……no, if we are thinking in change the tampa 2 schemme i guess we can consider dan williams, IMHO

  3. Leighman114 Says:

    For Bradford and Okung to be on the board when we pick, I would think both DT’s would have to be off the board to make that happen. No other names have been linked to STL or DET by anyone recently.

    If that’s the case then obviously the best situation would be to trade down because anyone out of the next 10 on the board would be an instant upgrade on our team. The fact that Kirwan thinks there will be callers is wonderful if that’s the case, but from whom? The seahawks just made their move for a long term young QB and traded far backwards in the 2nd round, so I’d say there goes one of the suitors unless they really covet Okung.

  4. zech Says:

    I would either trade with seattle or san fransisco or denver or of course there’s new england who have 3 second round picks and I don’t know about third round picks ! Would love to see mcclain or spillar or golden tate brain price!

  5. DAve Says:

    This is what I have been saying for MONTHS! Trade down. Hopfully someone is there that a team REAAALLLLY wants and they get a 2nd and a 3rd for swapping first. They will still get a great talent and a DT in round 2 (Price, Odrick).

    Maybe they trade down and take Brandon Graham DE and Price in round 2 and LaFell at WR in round AND Patrick robinson CB.
    They would still have 2 picks in round 3!

    The more the merrier
    TRADE DOWN!!!!!

  6. zech Says:

    I would stay away from LaFell and price and williams won’t be there in the second round ! I do agree we should trade down more picks the better! Like I said spillar or mcclain or golden tate!

  7. Tommy Boy Says:

    Garbage! If Suh or McCoy are there then the Bucs MUST draft one of them. This isn’t even a debate. Every single “expert”, analyst, insider, etc. have said these two are special players. We could not afford to pass up on one of these guys. Expecially with our defensive line woes.

    There is literally no trade that I would do to give up this premium pick.

  8. zech Says:

    If some team blows the buc away with an offer then they should consider it and pick up more picks and that way they can plugg more holes on both side of the ball!

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    We should definitely consider trading back if the deal is right , even if one of the big 2 DT’s are on the board.

    There are plenty of other beastly tackles in this draft . Dan Williams , Brian PRice , Jarred Odrick . Terrance Cody , Lamarr Houston.

    If the deal is right don’t be afraid to trade back!!

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like the idea of trading down for more picks, just not too far, well not past say Rolando McClain territory or Berry if he is still available. It also wouldn’t break my heart to see the Bucs draft Okung at #3, because he has serious long term potential for this team and it is time for Trueblood to go. Defense is good for the first pick, but a Franchise LT like Okung is hard to ever pass up. Penn is fine but this kid has much potential and a lot less mid section to haul around.

  11. Mike J Says:

    Bucs picked up a 7th, a comp pick; that makes four, right??

  12. Brad Says:

    this move of not taking Suh or Mccoy sounds like dumbass move Dominik would make.. Unbelievable.. We don’t need talent just a lot of picks..

  13. JDouble Says:

    I’m a huge Suh fan and would love to see us get him. At the same time, if we could trade back for more picks and manage to get Brandon Graham, Sean Weatherspoon, and Tyson Alualu or Brian Price…..I’d rather do the latter.

  14. Fatsacks Says:

    Pass up on Suh and/or Mccoy….thats the worst idea ive heard…these guys are game changers! Why would you pass up on that oppertunity? Thats all great and fine to try and fill spots with more picks…but we already have like 12 picks and 5 in the top like what 99?? That too me is going to fill alot of holes that we are in need for and that are possiably even going to be dare i say starters! If anything trade some of next years picks and get Marshall , and or trade some picks from next year and get Tate or mcclain or spiller…that too me makes more sense than to pass over those 2 dt’s…imo

  15. zech Says:

    Tyson alualu in the second round would be a good pick up and so would OT Jason fox of miami,fla. But first round we should trade back and go for berry or mcclain and or golden tate!

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    We get it, you want to trade down and draft Berry, McClain, or Tate.

  17. gotbbucs Says:

    There’s three absolute franchise players sitting at the top of this draft in Suh, McCoy, and Okung. These are guys that you do not pass on. Stay put in the 1st round and then move around a bit between rounds 2 and 5. I’d probably try to trade down a little bit with our first 2nd round pick and maybe pick up an extra 4th or 5th round pick with that.

  18. zech Says:

    Hey I wouldn’t mind price I just want the bucs to win just like anyone else to me either player we draft will be good!

  19. zech Says:

    Hey if the price to move back is there and it knocks the bucs brasses socks off they should do it!

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    I have faith that Mark & rah will do well in this draft. After all they have been focused on it since Week 3 of the 09′ season.

  21. Danbucsfan Says:

    Dream on!! The Bucs are not willing to shell out the money that a third overall pick in the first round would demand. As inticing as it is to get the likes of Suh or the other game makers…this organization has already proven that they are not willing to spend the money for this type of talent!

    They will trade down in a heartbeat given the chance, but that is the catch, Who else in the league wants to be saddled with that financial burden? Trade down IF you can, get a boatload of later draft picks for it at a cheaper price…IMHO

  22. JimBuc Says:

    Danbucsfan — there’s no reason to think the Bucs would not spend the money. Don’t be such a pessimist

  23. Danbucsfan Says:

    Jim…no reason? Your having a laugh are you not?

  24. JimBuc Says:

    Why do you think they wouldn’t spend the money?

  25. Danbucsfan Says:

    Because they have proven over the last few years that they will not!!

  26. Eric Says:

    Whoever they get the dream’s staff is incapable of developing anyhow.

    A fish rots from the head down.

  27. zech Says:

    Whatever the bucs do it will either make or break dominik and raheem and for me I think if the bucs could get a blockbuster deal for the 3rd overall pick they would do it in a heart beat!

  28. Eric S Says:

    If McCoy is available, you take him. The Bucs need impact players. This whole crap about trading down and getting more picks is all fine and dandy. But you need to pick the right players. Look at the Pats the last few years. They’ve accumulated a ton of picks and they’ve done horrible in the draft. They traded away all their defensive leaders and their D sucked last year.

    Pick McCoy and be done with it. Let’s not screw around with this.

  29. gotbbucs Says:

    I love how every year there is all this talk of teams in the top 5 trading down. It rarely ever happens, especially not in the top 3. Besides that this year there are even more factors working against it. This is probably the last year before a rookie salary cap kicks in and this is a deep draft and all the teams know how valuable the 2nd and 3rd round picks are going to be.
    I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I don’t see us getting a blockbuster deal for our pick. There’s not really a consensus #1 QB prospect in this draft and it’s a pretty deep draft for Tackles. I think most of the trading is going to happen on day two for alot of teams.

  30. Gruden Sucks Says:

    If we could make a mega trade then its worth it. That would be either both of Seattle’s picks in the first, both of SF picks in the first and their 2nd round and maybe 5th, New England’s pick 22 and all 3 second round picks. I would do that in a heartbeat.
    1. Seattle-not sure if they would be trading up for a qb but Okung would be a possibility. with pick 6 we could take anyone from Spiller, Haden, Graham, Price, even McCoy could be there at 6. With 14 we could draft Weatherspoon, Price, Bryant. Any combination of those 2 would be way better than just Suh.
    2. San Fran.- Anyone from pick two from Seattle above. And the other pick could go Kyle Wilson, Brandon Graham or many other routes as well.
    3. I personally like trading with NE. You will say why would they do it. To either get Okung, Suh, or Berry. Bellichek would love any of them. Brady needs more protection so I think Okung would be their pick. Although could you imagine Suh and Wilfork together! Scary as hell. We could get 4-5 second round picks and still have the 22nd pick in the draft!!!!

  31. Marc Says:

    “I love how every year there is all this talk of teams in the top 5 trading down. It rarely ever happens, especially not in the top 3.”

    Its always fun to speculate though.

  32. DAve Says:


    You are worng. When a team has this many holes to fill (DT, DE, LB, S, CB, WR, OL, RB)

    AND they are not signing people in free agency, then they MUST get as many picks as possible.

    Suh or McCoy would be nice, but if they can trade down and stay within the top 11 AND get another 2nd and 3rd, no question they should do it.

    If Suh is there they might even get a first for next year thrown in as well. They HAVE to do it.

    The draft is deep. The more picks, the more holes they can potentially fill. rmember, over 50% of these guys picked in rounds 1-5 will bust. The more they can select, the more chance they have of a bunch of guys “hitting” and becomng starts over the next two years.

    Besides, odds are, between Suh and McCoy one of them will bust as well.

  33. JimBuc Says:

    Danbucsfan — I see. You are a “past is prologue” guy.