Who Says The Bucs Are Cheap?

February 17th, 2010

An unknown columnist from FoxSports.com is sure to raise the ire of Bucs fans by suggesting the rumors the Bucs are cheap have about as much weight as the false rumors that Rachel Watson was spotted sneaking out of Joe’s abode in the wee hours of this morning.

In fact, the unknown reporter is so bold that he predicts Donald Penn, Dunderhead Trueblood and Barrett Ruud, restricted free agents all, will be signed to handsome contracts by the Bucs.

Bucs GM Mark Dominik already has lowered expectations regarding free agency. That’s particularly true without an extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Many of the Bucs’ players will be restricted free agents — including LT Donald Penn, RT Jeremy Trueblood and LB Barrett Ruud — unless there is an agreement. Look for the Bucs to lock up those players with the highest possible tender. But free agent movement will be minimal.

In short, Joe isn’t going to lose a lot of sleep as to the future of good guy Ruud. For his sake, Joe hopes the 2009 season was an aberration.

Joe knows fans are irritated by the sometimes head-up-his-ass play of Trueblood, but he is a good tackle. Joe has gone on record that Penn was the Bucs’ best player last year.

Will all three be receiving new contracts? Time will tell.

6 Responses to “Who Says The Bucs Are Cheap?”

  1. Mike J Says:

    Trueblood, Penn, & Ruud will be offered high tenders but nothing else, with a lockout looming for 2011.
    Trueblood has entered the ranks of ‘just another guy’, & his play doesn’t make up for the fouls he commits.But he is adequate for now. Penn is a pretty good OLT ordinarily, but porked up to much in 2009 & his play declined as his weight increased. He need to get at least close to being in shape.

  2. Tom Says:

    “lock up those players with the highest possible tender.”

    Talk about an oxymoron! The RFA tender is a one year extension, not exactly “locking someone up.” Beyond this the tender even at it’s highest is usually in the 2 million range. Which qualifies as a steal for Penn.

    Yeah, those Glazers are sure throwing their money around on this one…

  3. mpmalloy Says:

    I think Penn is at the head of the line for contracts too.

    I preach about it.
    …..but amazingly I get all these crazies that want to argue
    and nit-pick Penn………it makes no sense….it makes Malloy’s
    brilliant mind ache………because it’s absurd.

    I bring up the style of Steussie…which is the ‘turn-style’…
    ….and still they don’t get it……….I bring up Pettigout who
    played one 10 million dollar game for the Bucs…..and still
    they want to try and rip Penn…….

  4. Tommy Boy Says:

    Of the 3, Penn is a must. QBs suffer when team let good offensive lineman go that protect their blind side. Need proof? Examine what the Bills and Seahawks have done over the years and look at the QB performance. They either have garbage stats or are always hurt due to sacks and having to scramble. Penn pretty much dominated all the elite pass rushers he faced last year. When a rusher gets to the QB it was usually from Trueblood’s side. Trueblood almost makes me wanna have Kenyatta Walker back.

    If I were Freeman, I’d go to management and press them to lock up Penn for a while.

  5. OAR Says:

    mpmalloy, First off I like Penn and want them to sign him. With that said, what is actually your point? Stuessie was a very good LT. He played 10 years at LT with Minnesota(7) and then Carolina(3) and then comes to Tampa where we move him to RT and doesnt pan out. Let alone coming into Tampa with 11 years in league already. 2 years and 31 games for us.
    As for Pettigout, he was good at LT and RT, but was injury prone(broken leg with Giants, torn ACL, etc). “I bring up Pettigout who
    played one 10 million dollar game for the Bucs…..” BTW Do you even watch the Bucs every year? He played in 4 games, getting hurt in game four. So how is that a one game? It’s too bad they didn’t pan out, but I still don’t get your point?

  6. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Penn is so underrated …I think it’s probably because he’s so sloppy and unathletic looking, but the guy is solid as a ROCK at left tackle. We should lock him up long-term IMO.