What To Make Of The Lions Rumors?

February 23rd, 2010

Joe’s good friend Jason La Canfora reported this morning on NFL.com that the Detroit Lions are all but begging other NFL teams to take their second overall pick in the draft.

For a price, of course.

The Lions are trying to rebuild a long-suffering defense in particular, after sinking considerable high picks and resources into offensive skill players in recent years. They are not averse to taking the top player on their board, according to the source, but will seek to explore all options for a trade.

Prior to this rumor, sound logic suggested the Lions were going to draft either defensive tackles manbeast Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy, whoever was available. Part of this logic is that, like the Bucs, the Lions are desperate for help on the defensive line.

Another element to factor into the logic of drafting Suh/McCoy is that Lions head coach Jim Schwartz is a defensive guy. Usually, defensive guys draft defense.

Joe isn’t sure what to make of this rumor. As one Bucs media insider told him today, it’s almost foolish to put any stock into rumors before the combine. Good point.

Does this rumor mean the Lions have soured on both Suh and McCoy? If so, why? Or is it simply that the Lions cannot afford a signing bonus afforded to the second overall pick in the draft?

Joe looks at it like this: The Bucs could swap places with the Lions and it would be a whole lot cheaper of a cost than landing the top overall pick.

Surely if the Bucs acquired the Lions’ pick, Suh or McCoy — or perhaps both — would be there for the taking.

One Response to “What To Make Of The Lions Rumors?”

  1. jdhelfrich Says:

    I like the idea of trading with the Lions because it guarantees the Bucs one of the top two DTs (likely McCoy at this stage, who’s a better fit for the Tampa 2 anyway). However, where’s the benefit for Detroit in this theoretical deal? If they want to get away from the #2 pick for money reasons, dropping down one spot isn’t likely to save them very much.

    In general, good effing luck trading down in this draft. Nobody wants to trade up in such a stacked year. The Bucs might get two guys in the second round this year who are better talents than half the first-rounders from last year. Hell, if we can trade next year’s picks to get more out of this year, do it. Who knows if there’ll even be football in 2011?