Warren Sapp Left Model For Strip Club

February 8th, 2010

Seems as though former Bucs great and current (?) NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp wasn’t exactly an angel Friday night in the hours prior to allegedly slapping around his girlfriend of two years and trying to — allegedly– physically throw her out of his hotel room at 5 a.m.

As Joe noted previously, Sapp was spotted and photographed with a model of some repute Friday night on the club scene in South Beach. But the New York Post reports that was just the beginning for Sapp.

Seems Sapp had to stop in on a clothing optional establishment before heading to his hotel and his girlfriend.

An early-morning visit to a Miami strip joint sparked the volatile throw-down between former NFL great Warren Sapp and his girlfriend, leading to the retired player’s arrest, sources said

Sapp, 37, had been at a party until 3 a.m., when he hit the town with buddies, witnesses at the bash said.

His crew descended on a nearby jiggle joint, and he didn’t get back to his hotel until 5 a.m. His angry gal pal was waiting and they got into a fight, the sources said.

Cops charged Sapp with domestic battery and he was locked in a Miami-Dade County cage before being released on $1,500 bond Sunday morning.

Since, Sapp, who was in Miami as part of the NFL Network’s army of reporters and analysts, was taken off the air by network executives.

Some website Joe has never heard of before reportedly has photos of Sapp’s girlfriend of two years. CAUTION: Joe cannot confirm the authenticity of the photos.

[UPDATE: Sapp is scheduled to appear live on the Bubba Clem show heard exclusively on Sirius 101 at 3 p.m. and is reportedly going to discuss his arrest.]

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