Thoughts On Media Day II

February 4th, 2010
Fabiola's appearance at a media party Tuesday night was the perfect ending to Super Bowl media day for Joe.

Fabiola's appearance at a media party Tuesday night was the perfect ending to Super Bowl media day for Joe.

More thoughts from Joe on Super Bowl media day as Joe tries to get into the swings of things back home now.

* Joe got to spend a good chunk of time Tuesday hanging around radio row, where he got to see once again one of Joe’s favorites, Bonnie Bernstein, who literally ran after soon-to-be former Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, with mic in hand, live on the air.

Bonnie now works for BSPN 1050 in New York and has her own sports talk show.

* Joe chatted with JT the Brick briefly, who in addition to his weeknight overnight show (heard locally on WDAE-AM 620), conducted a question-and-answer story with Joe prior to the Bucs-Giants game earlier this season.

JT was quite kind and asked Joe if he do that again. Done!

* The Sirius crowd had a large corner of radio row to themselves. In tables side-by-side were the Sirius NFL Radio table, another table for a Sirius sports channel, and Mad Dog Chris Russo, all within 30 feet of each other, all going at it.

There always seemed to be a crowd of some sort in that corner.

* To Joe’s shock, Tim Ryan, who co-hosts “Movin’ the Chains” with Pat Kirwan on Sirius NFL Radio, is louder than Russo. And it’s not even close. Joe literally heard Ryan from across radio row, which isn’t a row, but a massive room in the Broward County Convention Center.

* Joe got to chat with one of his boyhood idols, Conrad Dobler, Tuesday. Dobler couldn’t have been nicer to Joe, far, far, far from his reputation as the NFL’s dirtiest player. To see how he has to hobble around on a pair of horrible knees with the aid of a cane, Joe kept waiting for him to fall.

Joe literally knows 90-year old men who are downright spry compared to Dobler. What an absolute disgrace the NFL will not help him out.

Oh, and Dobler still has a menacing mustache. 

* Speaking of idols, Joe was nearly as giddy to chat with Dan Dakich. For those not familiar, Dakich played for Indiana under Bob Knight. He was responsible for killing Michael Jordan’s college career. 

Indiana played No. 1 ranked North Carolina in the NCAA tournament. The Heels were loaded with Jordan, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty, Kenny Smith and Joe Wolf. Indiana had freshman Steve Alford, stiff center Uwe Blab, former Illinois small high school legend Marty Simmons, a scrappy Joe Hillman and Dakich.  

Oh yeah, and Knight. As documented by John Feinstein in the epic “Season on the Brink,” when Knight informed Dakich he would guard Jordan, Dakich threw up.

Indiana crushed Carolina, largely thanks to Dakich who held Jordan to 13 points and an 5-for-14 shooting performance.

Dakich was amazed Joe remembered that 1984 game in vivid detail, which speaks to how much of a geek Joe truly is.

Dakich is now a sports radio host in Indianapolis. Joe talked with Dakich on South Beach during a media party.

* About that media party… aside from the free grub, free beer and the company spent with Dakich, the evening was made special by an appearnace from the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders led by Joe’s favorite, Fabiola, who is Fab-you-lus!

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  1. Jimmy Says:

    That broad is hotter than Sterger!!!

    The Rachel Watson of Miami!