The Glazers Are Not Hugh Culverhouse

February 9th, 2010

It has been well-documented that Bryan and Joel are no longer paying top dollar for talent.

Some suggest Bryan and Joel are cheap. Others, such as Joe, point to the looming labor lockout and point out that it’s not very smart to pay mega-signing bonuses to players who may not be playing in 2011.

Many other reporters, including Peter King, are of the belief that owners are skittish about doing anything until they know what they are getting into, i.e. whatever the new labor contract with the NFLPA spells out.

Vacation Man, of, is of the same mind. He believes the Bucs are just one of several teams throwing nickels around like manhole covers, waiting for a labor agreement.

Dan (Cape Canaveral, FL)

So, are we then looking at a Culverhouse reincarnation?

Vacation Man

Could be a lot of that around the league if the labor situation doesn’t get worked out.

Joe would also like to repeat what former NFL executive Charley Casserly said recently, that there has been a philosophical change among most NFL owners, that money spent on free agents generally is not fiscally sound.

19 Responses to “The Glazers Are Not Hugh Culverhouse”

  1. Eric S Says:

    The problem though Joe is that the Glazers have been doing this for several years! Not just recently. So we can’t let them off the hook just because of the scary lockout everyone is facing.

    I think the Saints would disagree with Charley’s assessment. Bell, Brees, Fujita, Greer, Hartley, L. Moore, Roby, Sharper, D. Thomas, P. Thomas and Vilma were all free agents acquired by NO at one time. Some of them went undrafted. If you go crazy on free agents a la the Redskins, yes it is not fiscally sound. You can’t treat a team like a fantasy league team. But to disregard free agency completely or just dip your toe in the water is not wise either.

    More and more I am thinking the Bucs won’t do anything in free agency. There might be some small signings here and there, but nothing to really help the team. So get ready for AB to leave. Maybe sign some WR castoffs who couldn’t catch a cold. This is looking like a swell season.

  2. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I don’t believe it’s because they’re cheap OR because the impending labor lock-out.

    This is simply what happens after you go 1 BILLION DOLLARS in debt…you have to stop spending and start paying….

    This has everything to do with Man U….PERIOD.

  3. Joe Says:

    Radio Mushmouth:

    Although just about every NFL executive from Roger Goodell to a janitor at the CITS suggest otherwise, the timeline of the Bucs salaries declining and the Glazers’ purchase of the English kickball team sure is suspicious, isn’t it?

  4. JS Says:

    If they’re not going to pay top dollar for talent why should the fans pay top dollar to watch? I’m not spending any more money on this team until ownership demonstrates to me a commitment to win and I know I’m not alone. I got rid of my season tickets last year and don’t regret it one bit. If the games get blacked out so be it.

  5. D-Rome Says:

    Who is vacation man? What is BSPN? I still haven’t figured out what the B stands for.

    Outside of that, I agree that this is the real deal regarding the Glazers.

  6. Joe Says:


    Please check in again at or just after 10 a.m.

  7. Joe Says:


    Click on the link for the answer to your first question.

    BSPN? Come on, that’s too easy. That’s self-explanatory man.

  8. Jake Says:

    Regardless of why this team is in the state that it is in, it is just sad for the loyal fans of this franchise. It is only early February and it seems there is already very little to look forward to for this upcoming season. Its tough to swallow watching the exhiliration of Saints fans compared to depths of despair that we find ourselves in.

  9. Eric S Says:

    Free Caybrew for everyone after 10 Joe?

  10. Eric Says:

    The Manchester U situation is also no excuse. They have themselves tied in to receive money labled “debt service” (i.e. management fees, etc.) Any alleged losses are strictly on paper. These folks are not losing money. What has occurred is they have concluded that the profitability of the Bucs is not necessarily tied to producing a winner on the field. Revenue is tied to television, which they get anyway. Sweetheart Stadium deal. They don’t need sell outs. It really is Hugh all over again. He made tons of money with half filled stadiums. They surely arent acting like owners who want a winner.

  11. Eric Says:

    Is Raheem Morris the lowest paid Head Coach in the NFL?

  12. LL Says:

    I got my season ticket notice in the mail last week, and as i have stated before about not renewing, im a man of my word. It went into the garbage. Why should i pay 1000$ plus dollars to the Glazers , when they no show no commitment to this team. At least now i dont have to pay for the bogus pre-season games. If i want to go to a game i’ll go down to the stadium and buy a ticket.

  13. JK Says:

    Oh yes Joe! Back those penny pinching bastards. I don’t know what’s in it for you but I hope it makes you happy. I can’t understand why you are behind them unless with your little website here they need you on their team. Anyone that is a true fan of the Bucs that have followed them for years can see what’s going on. You seem more concerned about the Glazerhouses saving money than putting a competitive team on the field. Two questions. Do you care how much Mr. Glazerhouse spends on football talent? If the answer is yes, tell me one thing. WHY???

  14. Eric Says:

    It sure seems like these guys have changed. They were making some bold moves in the early years when they owned the team, trading the pics for Gruden was gutsy, however you viewed it. Went and got Key, traded for Rice, Brad Johnson, Keenan, Pittman. But in reality when was the last time they really made a move signaling a strong committment to winning? All we ever get is generic press releases. Don’t see an ounce of passion from them anymore.

  15. Joe Says:


    I can assure you Joe is not getting paid off if that is what you are insinuating. Far from it.

    Joe’s just reading the tea leaves.

    Joe is a former — keyword there — season ticket holder. If Joe was a mouthpiece as you claim he is, Joe would have season tickets.

  16. Chuck Says:

    Joe can not be accussed of being a butt kiss to the owners. You should pay more attention to the articles he writes if you do not believe me.

  17. Greg Says:

    Chuck, that’s just JK being JK, he and Joe are always going back and forth over something! 🙂

  18. shazz Says:

    If Joe changes the website to, that would be real evidence of Joe kissing Glazer ass.

  19. Joe Says:

    If Joe changes the website to, that would be real evidence of Joe kissing Glazer ass.