The Bucs Are Not Cheap

February 21st, 2010

Vacation Man of is getting irritated with Bucs fans pestering him that the Glazers are pinching pennies.

More specifically, Vacation Man has grown weary of Bucs fans telling him the Bucs are “cheap.”

Last week in an NFC South chat, Vacation Man had enough of this perception and let loose.

Ben (Tampa)

All this talk of the Bucs being cheap is getting old. We would not have offered Hansworth over 100 million if we were cheap….please tell this Tampa clowns what is really going on.

Vacation Man

True, I get real frustrated with people who say the Bucs are being cheap and don’t throw out anything to support it. Yeah, they may not be Dan Snyder, but the Glazers aren’t Hugh Culverhouse either. And, unless you’re in their accounting department, what do any of us REALLY know about their financial situation.

The Haynesworth issue is why Joe doesn’t believe what some suggest, that the Bucs would never trade up with the Rams because the difference in guaranteed money for the No. 1 pick overall compared to the No. 3 pick overall is too expensive.

From doing a bit of research, the difference in pay between the first pick and the third pick overall in the draft varies by position. Clearly a quarterback will be paid more.

But just based on figures from various sources, not factoring in the positions of the players, the difference is roughly $7-8 million.

If the Bucs were willing to drop a Brinks truck on Facestomper Haynesworth, then Joe believes that if Bucs general manager Mark Dominik and his scouting staff believe manbeast Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy is the player for the franchise, Dominik won’t have any issue in pulling a trigger on a trade and cutting a check.

21 Responses to “The Bucs Are Not Cheap”

  1. justin F Says:

    i still think the glazers are cheap once we are not the cheapest team in the nfl my thoughts my change but we have been 30 million under the cap for years and being 1.17 billion in debt with man u does not help either oh yeah cheapest head coach and gm in the nfl plus our head coach is also our d cord coach so paying 1 guy to do 2 jobs

  2. Mike J Says:

    Is that $7-8 million over the length of the contract??

  3. zech Says:

    Let them make the trade for suh the only question I have is if we do that then how do we get more picks I mean we could trade clayton and ward and graham nd or someone with some value

  4. YearOBucsfan Says:

    Come on Justin, if they were so cheap, why wouldn’t they have just let Gruden finish his contract? Why pay him to do nothing. Raheem is not taking the D coordinator job because of a budget issue. They had a D coordinator that did not fit with the team. Raheem knew the team, and did a great job doing both, period. These are the same Glazers that paid Gruden very well to come here in the first place. I think you are mistaking a commitment to grow a younger team, and a young HC into a long term successful franchise, for cheap. Building from the draft and plugging holes with FAs is more likely going to create long-term success than bringing in a lot of FAs. Just look at some other examples around the NFL.

  5. Louie Says:

    YearOBucsfan, I think the Glazerhouse’s cut Gruden/Allen loose primary because they were going to spend that cap money. Allen went on record saying they were going to spend the cap money a week before they were fired. I think Gruden/Allen were tired of not being able to spend the money they felt was necessary to win and it led to their dismissal.

    It’s stupid for VM to say people don’t throw out anything supporting the fact the owners are cheap. There is plenty of supporting information. How about Hainesworth’s deal that included little guaranteed money — of course he wasn’t going to come here when someone else was offer more guarantees. It was like, “hey Hainesworth, come play for the Bucs. We’ll pay you $10/hr”.

    It’s clear the owners are operating the team differently then they did after they first bought the team. We no longer have a coach who can win with limited talent, so until the owners start re-investing in the team, the Buc are going be bottom feeders.

  6. Thomas Says:

    YearO Bucsfan:

    Raheem did a great job?? Did I actually hear that?? You are clueless. The only reason Rah-Rah is the head coach of this team is a budget issue. Reportedly, he is, and deservedly so, being paid less than average d-coordinator salary. He makes less than – Sparano, Del Rio, Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher, Randy Shannon, Skip Holtz and even George O’Leary. Rumor has it that Rah was offered a take it or leave contract at substantially less than a million. He is a merely an affordable bridge, and a flimsy one, to the end of the Gruden money and the 2011 lockout.

    This argument that Rah did such a great job as d-coordinator/head coach is ridiculous. He went back to Monte’s defense- which was familiar to almost all 11 starters. Yes they played better short term simply out of familiarity , but that does not mean that going back is the right decision long-term decision. The team wanted to transition away from the Tampa 2 because it has inherent flaws. Going back to the old system was an easy and amateur decision made solely to save Rah’s job. Wholesale changes cause initial growing pains but if implemented by a quality leader can come together instantlt, i.e. the 2008-09 dolphins.

  7. marcus Says:

    Thats where your wrong Thomas. Raheem runs a def. that has a base tampa two but its his own little twist. He has more blitz packages then monty ever had. We did’nt have the personnel to run bate’s defense obviously because we were built for the Tampa Two. Raheem shows a lot more diffrent looks and more formations then the old defense used to. Yeah we sucked on run defense but hey i beleive we were close to 10t in statistics as far as pass defense. Damn i meanwe went to the Super Bowl Champions backyard and scored 20 unanswered points! For a young developing team that is a huge boost into next season

  8. jlynch1340 Says:

    Dream on. Morris still sucks ass!! We need player on D line not Face painting has been and K.C. Cheifs cast offs

  9. Eric Says:


    Was that the same ingenious defensive scheme invented by the dream that Atlanta’s third string running back torched for 150 yeards in the last game?

    Why did the Dream run a defense not suited to the personnel for ten games? Wasn’t he the Head Coach, or did he skip those games?

    Taking the position that the dream is more innovative than Monte Kiffin is sickning. Come talk that trash when the Dream has a top five defense, like Monte did for many years, and number one more than once. His defenses were some of the best in NFL history. Monte deserves the Hall of Fame, not some rantings from a jackass that thinks the dream improved the Defense that he invented.

    As for Cheap, when you hire a totally unqualified person as HC, who just happens to be the lowest paid HC in the league, it raises questions. When the GM says “Were not a player” in free agency, where some good young talent is available, it raises questions. And, way under the salary cap raises questions.
    These folks are either Cheap or stupid. I don’t think their stupid, which leaves cheap.

  10. BucWonder Says:

    Culverhouse and the Glazers really cannot be compared. In the early buc days (pre cellphones) the bucs would deduct the cost of road game hotel phone calls from players’ paychecks. That is Cheap. The first year that the NFL had a salary cap, there was also a salary floor. The cap was $24M and the floor was $18M (rough #s, I’m old and it was a while ago) The bucs payroll at he time was $12M, meaning they had increase payroll by 50% to meet the salary floor. Now That is Cheap. Letting Doug Williams go because they wouldn’t pay him $600Gs per year. That is cheap. The Glazer sre not in the same league as Culverhouse.

  11. Eric Says:

    Nobody ever said the Glazers are as cheap as Culverhouse. No one could be that cheap.

    However, lets ask the question this way:

    Are the Glazers as financially committed to building a championship team as they were when they first purchased the Buccaneers?

  12. Thomas Says:

    Marcus – thanks for stating the obvious. We know he takent was acquired and is better suited for the tampa 2. so yes any dc going back to that defense would perform better initially. That is not the question. The question is to anticipate where is the league heading offensively (zone exploitation) and to adjust defensively. Black, Jackson, Talib, Kyle Jackson and Roy Miller were guys acquired with skills to shift away from the antiquated tampa 2. Rahs switch back was an act of desperation and immaturity.

    Yes Rah blitzed more than monty which may have been a variation but many Tampa 2 disciples – like Dungy will say consistent blitzing in a base Tampa 2 or zone system will kill you long term b/c teams will find the larger zone holes. you only blitz to cover the pass rush deficiency. Although the d performed statistically better after the switch back – trust me – the league will adjust in time and the d will take two steps backward.

  13. wayne Says:

    Marcus, I could go into detail like the other fellas. But what is the use. The fact that Morris sucks is a simple fact. He should have said no when they offered him the job. But his ego wouldn’t let him. He may well have been a good DC one day. Now, he is but a dream in his own mind. We will know which way the Glazer’s are going in a few days. I think they will stay Cheap again this year. That’s why I don’t see them trading up to get Suh. But I have been wrong before, and hopefully am now! On the trade, not on Morris. I will commend Morris on one thing though, I commend him for listening to that speach therapist and pausing between sentences. At least we can understand him now.

  14. Eric Says:

    “The fact that Morris sucks is a simple fact”. Well put sir.

    Brevity really is the soul of wit……………….

    What I can’t comprehend is how anybody could dispute that simple fact.

  15. Jake Says:

    hey vacation man, if you need evidence, why don’t you investigate why Jeff Kamis is leaving his position as PR guy for the Bucs to “explore other opportunities” and then read the comments on the blogs where the article is posted for the Trib and Times and you will see how coworkers of his have anonymously posted just how dysfunctional the Glazers and this organization really are!

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Blah blah blah. Say what you will, but actions speak louder than words.

    Let me define cheap for you. Cheap is letting Rachel Watson get away for a Teacher’s salary. Hello!!! They should have paid her $200K/year to be the new Director of Fan Relations. I mean who wouldn’t want to have a relationship with her. Whatever she is selling, I’m buying. Season Tickets? Sure no problem, give me a row or a section. Yea sure, where do I sign?

  17. Joe Says:

    Let me define cheap for you. Cheap is letting Rachel Watson get away for a Teacher’s salary.


  18. marcus Says:

    I’m not saying that Rah is more inventive then Kiffin at all! I’m smarter than to say something like that. Look Raheem Morris is obviuosly learned under Kiffin right? He is going to run the base Tampa Two but just like Dungy did when he helped install the Cover 2 which was the same defense that the steelers ran back in there hay day when Dungy was a player, except that Dungy put his own twist to it. He ran a more under tackle setup at the D-line and droped back the MLB to the deep middle third to cover the voided zone. All i’m sayin is that Raheem is looking to add blitz packages that look likes zone, feels like a zone, and plays like one but instead he rushes more then 4. I’m still holding judgment on Raheem until a few more seasons because guess what every great coach had one minor detail to their team…GREAT PLAYERS!!! It the guys on the field that can make a coach look good and obvioulsy we had some inexperienced. As far as the cheap talks go hey the glazers might be cheap who knows! As far as i’ve read so far there is a possibility that they might trade up for the first pick…..The Glazers paying first pick money C’mon right??

  19. marcus Says:

    I’ll be the first one to say ” Damn you know what i was wrong on Raheem! thanks Rah for making me look like a dumbass!” I’m not entierly sold that Rah isn’t a good coach. How do we know that the debacle with the coordinator hirings were caused from above the heirchy? You can’t blame Rah for the so called cheap spending ( multi-million dollar contracts for Ward, Winslow, Clayton, Bryant). What about deciding to let go of the vets. who by the way aren’t playing in this league. Da hell with spending big in the free-agency it not the way to build a Team!! Its through the draft…Just ask the Pats. and the Colts….

  20. bubbabooie Says:

    ya pats building through the draft with players like wes welker, randy moss, junior seau, rodney harrison, these guys came from the draft, ya other teams. Marcus get your nose off rah’s balls ya jock sniffer and smell the air, no one in history has evr been regarded as a geat head coach when you fire youroffensive coordinator before the season and d coordinato before the season ends. Your statements are compareble to one of a complete dumbass

  21. marcus Says:

    Wow! I mentioned that people were wrong because of my or their opinions but why the bashing? Ohh thats right retards like you are hatin because my opinion is’nt like yours. Hey why don’t we just talk football and respect eachothers views instead of making yourself feel better by bringing someone else down by WORDS!!! Ohh yeah when we do finally make the playoffs i’ll see you back in this site prolly cheering the bucs on and jumping on the bandwagon. If you want to spend money on free agents jump on the Redskins or Cowboys wagon, how many superbowls have they won lately…….still….waiting…..none. When they did win the superbowl like 15 or more yrs. ago it was through the draft. You already knew that right BUBBAOOWWIE…or whatever the hell your name is. Your name does show how intelligent you are.