Ronde Barber Uses Brains To Overcome Age

February 21st, 2010

Joining Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan Friday afternoon on Sirius NFL Radio — while seemingly the rest of America’s sports radio shows sunk to the lowest of lows, fixated on a grotesque stunt near Jacksonville pulled by serial adulterer Eldrick Woods — former Giants running back Tiki Barber had a lot to say.

Normally, Joe doesn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone from the Giants thinks, but Barber spoke up about his twin brother, Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber.

Barber was asked if he is amazed how well his brother Ronde is still playing, and Tiki responded by describing what is going on in Ronde’s head.

Tiki also hinted that this fall will quite possibly be Ronde’s final campaign.

“He keeps his body in such good condition,” Tiki Barber said. “Frankly, I lost the desire and the ability to do that. Ronde is a warrior in workouts, he keeps his body in such good shape.

“Even though he is in such good condition he told me that he’s not able to keep up with the younger guys like he used to. But where he has an advantage over the other guys is he uses his mind. He studies so much tape. That way, he’s able to get a step or two on guys he normally couldn’t handle because his mind is so much sharper.”

Tiki Barber also is a bit jealous, noting Ronde’s body hasn’t taken near the punishment as Tiki’s has.

“He can go 15 plays without working; he can go 15 plays without getting hit,” Tiki Barber said. “He doesn’t realize that I had to work every play. Just because I wasn’t running the ball on a play didn’t mean I wasn’t working.”

Memo to young football players: Time and again the best players in the NFL with long careers seem to have a common denominator whether it’s Payton Manning, Derrick Brooks or Ronde Barber, among many others: They live, eat and breath watching tape of their opponents.

In short, you have your entire post-football life to party. Those that take the game seriously are the ones who often succeed.

5 Responses to “Ronde Barber Uses Brains To Overcome Age”

  1. Mike J Says:

    Ronde has always been solid at the very least in a zone; he has the ability to peer into the backfield without getting lost on a route. Much of his success has come from poaching & jumping routes–guy studies some film!! But I’d like to see him at nickel in 2010, with someone else starting.

  2. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    I’ll probably get flamed for this……

    But 7 yards and closer to the line of scrimmage he’s still one of the best in the league……it’s just covering downfield that gives him trouble

  3. RastaMon Says:

    he has used his smarts to overcome everything !

  4. Eric Says:

    I think all would be amazed at how well Rhonde could still play, even downfield, if the Bucs had a good pass rush…………….

  5. RastaMon Says:

    more than brains…it is
    Ronde’s toughness I am simply in awe of
    the guy still plays punt coverage and I have seen him knocked on queer street ….(one of the things you can see if you actually go to the games )
    line up with the defense after the TV commerical…..
    at 5’10….185 the guy defines TOUGH !