Only One Position Off Limits For Dominik At No. 3

February 15th, 2010

Interesting little cat-and-mouse game the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, and Bucs general manager Mark Dominik played with each other yesterday.

A lot of people have speculated that if defensive tackles Gerald McCoy and manbeat Ndamukong Suh are selected by the St. Louis Lambs and Detroit Kittens, that the Bucs may very well select Tennessee safety Eric Berry.

This flies in the face of traditional drafthink, that a safety should never be selected that high as normally solid if not stud safeties can be found later in the draft, and cheaper.

“The Big Dog,” knowing Dominik wouldn’t bite if he was bluntly asked if he would draft Berry at No. 3, instead asked Dominik if there was any position that would be too high to draft at No. 3?

Dominik responded, “Ah, long snapper?”

Dominik went on to say that generally punters and kickers — along with long snappers — are not drafted that high. But Dominik all but said the rest of the positions are open to be drafted at No. 3.

Meaning Dominik will not rule out drafting Berry with the third overall pick.

Another interesting nugget in the interview Joe hasn’t coverted yet: Had Bucs special teams coach Rich Bissacia been selected as the head coach at the University of South Florida, a position he openly coveted that eventually went to Skip Holtz, Dominik said he would have let Bissacia out of his contract because, Dominik said, the USF gig is such a good job.

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