Draft Subscription: Frequently Asked Questions

February 15th, 2010

Joe is asking you to subscribe now to his top-notch, in-depth coverage of the NFL Draft. The fun kicks off at 5 p.m today.

Yes, (gasp) Joe is charging $10 (or two easy payments of $5) for the intense coverage that will entertain and inform through May 1.

Joe realizes his tens of thousands of intelligent readers have questions about what they’ll be getting for their $10. A blue ribbon panel of readers was commissioned to ask questions about the subscription draft coverage.

Here are Joe’s answers:

Q. Who the hell do you think you are Joe asking for $10?

A. Joe is a capitalist. But more important, Joe pays NFL Draft guru Justin Pawlowski just below minimum wage for the hundreds of hours he puts in to making the JoeBucsFan.com draft coverage a must-have for Bucs fans. …Not one subscriber complained about his great work in 2009, and the price was the same.

For the next 10+ weeks, through May 1, you’ll get the most Bucs-focused draft analysis around, including detailed mock drafts, position-by-position breakdowns, division-by-division breakdowns, team-by-team looks, audio takes, podcasts, interviews with potential top picks, guest analysis by former Bucs, and more. …So that’s where the money goes. You can check out Pawlowski’s work in 2009 here. It was well worth the $10 last year, and Pawlowski promises better for 2010.

Q. Do you offer auto club discounts or a special deal for those in a pinch for cash.

A. No. Sorry. Just the option of two easy monthly payments of $5.

Q. What are Pawlowski’s qualifications? Why is he a draft guru, as you call him?

A. Pawlowski = former Division I offensive lineman + NFL Draft junkie for the past 20 years + professional broadcaster and analyst + year-round study of college players + deep knowledge of the college game and every NFL team + plus lifelong Bucs fan + funny guy + plus track record of excellence in draft coverage. …He’s a big-time guru, and he works very hard at it.

Q. What’s going to make this draft coverage better than the magazines and other draft insider stuff out there I can buy.

A. The JoeBucsFan.com draft coverage takes on the entire league but always keeps an eye on how every move could impact the Bucs. That’s the key. It’s all about the Bucs focus. For example, Pawlowski has the expertise to let you know how a Bengals free agent signing in March could change the scope of the draft for the Bucs. Or, for example, he’ll advise how a player tanking at the combine and free-falling to the Raiders in the second round can impact Tampa Bay.

Q. Will women want to perform acts of lust on me if I own the draft subscription?

A. Perhaps. Having a subscription will make you more confident and intelligent, which is known to drive women wild.

Q. You say former Bucs will serve up some analysis in the draft coverage. Is that true?

A. Yes, Joe is promising intelligent takes from former Bucs. As readers here know, former Bucs Steve White and Jeff Carlson are JoeBucsFan.com analysts, and other ex-Bucs have contributed, too. Plan on some great guest analysis as the draft gets closer.

Q. Can I ask Pawlowski my draft questions and get answers?

A. Absolutely. The popular reader mail segment will return each week, and Pawlowski will crank out some exclusive live chats for subscribers.

Q. I see 620WDAE.com has a draft page. Since JoeBucsFan.com is partners with the Sports Animal, what’s going to be here that I won’t see there?

A. Great question. Definitely check out both pages every day. On JoeBucsFan.com you’ll get in-depth coverage. The Sports Animal draft page will be geared more toward the casual fan with quick takes. Joe will link regularly to their draft page when there’s something of particular interest to all JoeBucsFan.com readers.

Q. So does this mean that in order to read anything about the draft on JoeBucsFan.com I have to buy a subscription?

A: No. Joe will still link to and give his take on Bucs-related draft opinions and news from various expert sources. So nothing will change on JoeBucsFan.com. However, you’ll really be missing out without that subscription draft coverage. It’s truly great stuff.

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