It Won’t Be Long Now

February 5th, 2010’s unmatched daily NFL Draft coverage will be rolled out in a matter of days!

If you want to sniff what was delivered last year by NFL draft guru Justin Pawlowski, click here. It will be bigger and better in 2010.

There will be some free offerings, but the rest will be by subscription.

Yes, Joe’s going to ask you for a few bucks. And Joe is prepared to hear some bitch and moan. Why the cost? Pawlowski busts his ass for 10 weeks churning out mock drafts, analysis, daily audio and more. For the cost of a decent lunch, you’ll get more than two months of in-your-face draft coverage. Joe knows it’s worth it.

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16 Responses to “It Won’t Be Long Now”

  1. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Wow, a Subscription, Joe. Now I’m rocked! But, count me in….

  2. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the compliment. Joe did the same thing last year on the draft with Justin for a very small fee and those who participated just loved coverage. They got their bang for their buck.

    Joe is confident you will as well.

  3. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    When he talks, Bryant is always a good interview. Just bustin your balls with the “rocked” jokes. By the way, still awaiting contact for Bman’s/JBF prize pool. It was great fun, and I would like to play again next season. It helps to take my mind off of our Bucs…… Also, am interested in business advertisement on JBF- could you send some general rates and info?

  4. Jeff Says:

    Self-promoting, piece of work you are…..Go ahead and marry 620 and admit you are biased. If you had the fortitude, you would put your COMMENTS ON when you do your oogling of Landry and Florio. Grow some grapefruits, please.

    Your site is so hypocritical, you are a trip, sincerely.

  5. Joe Says:


    If you had the fortitude, you would put your COMMENTS ON when you do your oogling of Landry and Florio. Grow some grapefruits, please.

    Please feel free to point out a business that allows the public to trash their business partners.

    Or would you prefer to cut Joe a check instead?

    Sorry, but Joe’s not a charity.

    Of course Joe is a self-promoter. If he doesn’t look our for No. 1, who will?

  6. Jeff Says:

    Does putting “comments on” whenever plugging Steve or Justin constitute “trashing” a business partner? Or are you just a plain stinking no good liar and hypocrite when it wouldn’t be you that could be trashing Steve or Justin rather than someone else.

    Of all the things I love about Steve, your “protection” of him, you are acting like Steve in that as if you have to have his back. And by doing that, you are compromising your integrity as well as Steve’s and Justin’s. You are no better than me, nor anyone else, so don’t go hiding away. Problem with 620 is morons like Ron Diaz who are hidden and protected and don’t have to defend themselves and when sources like you have a hammer to needle and prod, you refer to them as business partners and run away and hide!!

    By the way, TJ Rives was right and you were wrong. If you think the truth is cutting a check, then you truly don’t have a lot of redeeming qualities. Let the public decide who No. 1 is, not you. That isn’t your job in finding the truth.

  7. Jeff Says:

    If Justin truly likes what he does, and I know he will, then why should he require payment? If this is a labor of love, I would do this without even requiring payment. If you love it that much, google and resourcing sites and getting a hold of people in reality isn’t that hard is it? Your glossing and patronizing of WDAE is PATHETIC!!! You got the Sileos and Ron Diazes out there who blow hard and offer little substance and guys like Justin are BURIED because they aren’t “in” enough or are in the right spot. It was Justin who SALVAGED the last three WDAE NFL draft Gameday shows because Ron Diaz DIDN’T WANT TO BE THERE!! Ron Diaz is a DISCREDIT to the station, it’s legacy and the format!!! And obviously Sileo is a master politician…

    The truth isn’t in fundraising or mone, its the facts….”Savvy sportsradio fans, etc”…..blah, blah, blah!! Turn your COMMENTS ON on all posts!!

  8. Jeff Says:


    It isn’t meaningless, and I will agree vehemently with you to disagree. Your very agreement with them, in the very tone of your posts, create a conflict of interest. You are taking the fun away, and your embellishment reeks.

  9. Joe Says:


    You are doing a very nice job detailing why Joe doesn’t allow comments on posts about his business partners.

    Name any business — ANY successful business — that provides a platform for people to trash their business partners.

    Of course, if it makes you happy, Joe will dissolve his business relationship with WDAE. Before Joe does that, you have to cut Joe a handsome check, and the check must clear.


  10. Joe Says:


    By the way, TJ Rives was right and you were wrong. If you think the truth is cutting a check, then you truly don’t have a lot of redeeming qualities. Let the public decide who No. 1 is, not you. That isn’t your job in finding the truth.

    Why, Rives was so correct, he not only didn’t defend himself to Joe in so much as an e-mail or even a phone call, Rives didn’t even stick up for himself in an unedited public forum when offered the opportunity.

    If Justin truly likes what he does, and I know he will, then why should he require payment?

    1) You don’t know Justin.

    2) Like most sane Americans, Justin likes to be paid for his labor.

  11. Jeff Says:


  12. Jeff Says:

    You are the one offering the platitudes about Steve, his place of business The Venue, then let that be open for debate? Why are you scared of debate?

    And if you want to attack someone like TJ Rives, he would be lowering himself in talking to you, not answering to some moral highstanding majority who has masses drinking his kool-aid.

    Guess what, maybe you know Justin a little bit better than me, but you don’t truly know Justin either!!! Justin loves sports and talking about it, he would work pro bono if he truly felt like it. But working for a schmuck putz like Ron Diaz, then yes, I agree he should be paid for his services.

    Rives owes nothing to you, never has and never will. It was a way for you to create a crack in the system and force a fissure open. You know it. You truly are an inchworm, trying to double and multiply and grow. Next thing, you will be like Ron Diaz or Ian when you will start offering opinions which may be way off base and then disagree with any dissenters!!

    Sites like this and where it goes and where it heads is the poster child for why the media lacks ethics and quality. You try to find more gray where there is black and white. When you offer an opinion and try and stick hard to it, eventually in the minds of people, perception becomes reality. That’s life in the blogosphere.

    Step back and think about that before you shred any integrity you have left. Seriously.

  13. Jeff Says:

    I don’t need to cut you a check, because the right thing is to simply dissolve the relationship for sake of fairness. Then you can attack or offer platitudes to your heart’s content. If you can’t see it, then you truly, truly are lost.

  14. Joe Says:

    Simply put Jeff, if it bothers you who Joe does business with, there’s nothing Joe can do unless you step to the plate with a significant amount of cash. Joe will be more than happy not to do business or associate with anyone you so choose — for a price.

    You are correct, Rives owes nothing to Joe. But if he’s going to pretend to play reporter, he owes Bucs fans to at least pretend to be remotely objective and if he can’t do that, at least be upfront and say he can’t.

    If you are going to suggest Joe has lesser ethics than Rives, you really need to shovel more snow in Virginia or you need to find another site to visit Jeff. There are all sorts of places on the internet and on the air waves where you can scream bloody murder about Clear Channel till your fingers are raw or your throat is dry.

    For the record, Joe never “attacked” Rives, Joe attacked his integrity. Rives’ profound silence on the issue speaks volumes.

    As always, if people in the Fourth Estate or employees of the Bucs think Joe has wronged them, Joe has and aways will provide them an unedited forum for them to prove Joe wrong.

    In the past year, Joe has called out two members of the local media for being unethical. Both refused to defend themselves so what’s that tell you?

    At least one of them had the balls to e-mail Joe. And it wasn’t Rives.

  15. Jeff Says:

    It most certainly is:)

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Jeff – You seem to have trouble understanding The Venue Super Bowl party post here is an ADVERTISEMENT. I’m sure you’ve seen them before. It’s not a topic for debate. It’s not up for discussion or comments. It’s an advertisement.

    As has written here before. This is not If you wish to launch that, the domain is available. And you could tell the world your feelings.

    That’s sort of what is about. “Joe” gives his takes, reports, interviews players, develops sources, and provides an entertaining service to Bucs fans.

    Your dislike for this site and its practices are, frankly, un-American. You’re talking like a communist.

    Joe welcomes all kinds of dissent. And Joe welcomes all ripping of his takes. But Joe does not welcome anyone questioning the integrity of the journalism on this site.

    We source our work. We clearly distinguish between fact and opinion. And we don’t spread rumors. The writers here are pushing 40 years combined in print media. Our repuations are flawless in the industry.

    Your venom is misguided. Please take it elsewhere.