Bucs To Be Active In (Inexpensive) Free Agency

February 12th, 2010

Like many pundits, Vacation Man, of BSPN.com, has let his feelings be known about how the Bucs are not going to sign big-monied free agents.

So the logical conclusion is that the Bucs won’t be active at all in free agency.

Vacation Man won’t go that far. Not sure if he is still trying to decompress from covering the Saints this past week or not, but Vacation Man noted in a recent NFC South chat that in fact he believes the Bucs will be active, just not for a lot of cash.

Jeff (Charlotte, NC)

There seem to be several reports and speculation that the Bucs will NOT be very active, if at all, in FA. What do your sources tell you, and if they are which one position will be address 1st?

Vacation Man

Think they’ll be somewhat active. Not saying anything major, but they can’t afford to just sit still and wait for the draft. Too many needs. At least have to get one starting WR in free agency.

If this is true — and it appears to be a break in past positions for Vacation Man — Joe can only assume the Bucs will be dumpster diving to fill holes.

10 Responses to “Bucs To Be Active In (Inexpensive) Free Agency”

  1. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Dumpster diving is what they have been doing all year picking up garbage other teams threw away why sholud they change now?

  2. Kirk Says:

    Hey bucsfanlostiniowa,
    Just what garbage are you speaking about? The Bucs haven’t really picked anyone up. I would like to see them pick up some young and talented free agents that may come at a decent price and work through the draft. I am a Bucs fan and have put up with them all these years, so I am not going to crap out on them now. If it takes a couple of years to build a good, strong team, then so be it. I am tired of the win now at any cost line of thinking. Look at the money the Redskins have spent and have nothing to show for it. I think a lot a of so called fans just want to bitch and complain. Most of those whiners would screw up a shit sandwich, they would put so much salt on it, they couldn’t eat it.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for posting my question Joe. Always nice to get a little air time, so to speak.

  4. Louie Says:

    Kirk are you kidding? Check the transaction list for the Bucs during last season. They were dumpster diving all season long. On a couple instances they even raided other team’s practice squads.

    If the Bucs do ANYTHING significant in free agency this year, I’ll be amazed. I think the Glazerhouses are prepared to let this team flounder until after the CBA is approved. I’m at least hopeful they’ll become better stewards of this team at that time. I think the Glazerhouses are fully prepared to let everyone go (coaches/front office) and close the doors if there is a lockout.

  5. Kirk Says:

    Give me some names of dumpster trash. Still think by building through the draft with young free agent talent mixed in with some expercienced (not old) talent, this team will come together. I am just tired of the complaints, bitching and negative crap being thrown around. This town has run every coach this team has ever had out of town. Give Raheem ane Dominic a chance.

  6. jm Says:

    as example of dumpster diving (making use of other team’s PRACTICE SQUADS for talent): Crowder, Bennett, Anderson, Mark bradley, Jonathon Compas, De’von Hall, James Lee, Corey Lynch, Shawn Murphy, Terrence Nunn, Donald Penn, Chris Pressley, Mario Urrutia, Styles G. White (Arena League) … you be the judge of the success rate.

  7. Kirk Says:

    Holy smokes!!! Donald Penn, Styles G. White and Corey Lynch are dumpster trash? Maybe some of those guys didn’t work out, but my goodness dude not every one picked up off waivers or practice squads work out. I think you have an unrealistic view of the NFL. You seem to be so tuned into failure, you don’t see success. Try looking at things a little differently. This team ain’t good by a long shot, but it will get better. You are like a kid at Christmas, you don’t care what you get, just as long as it is expensive and a lot of it. Hopefully the team will draft wisely and use good choices in the free agent market. We shall see.

  8. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Oh great !

    I see more Angelo Crowell’s in our future . I’m so excited …not!

  9. Greg Says:

    My question is whether or not that picture is Joe dumpster-diving, or maybe the morning after one too many Caybrews???

  10. Dante Stallworth Says:

    Hey guys I’m available out there. I can catch a ball better than Clayhands too!

    Just pay me in Caybrews!