Bucs Staffer Called Myron Rolle A Deserter

February 26th, 2010

Not all college football players are Larry Phillips or Fred Rouse, who beat up women, steal from teammates and generally try to see how much weed they can smoke every day before getting thrown in jail or thrown out of school.

Take Tim Tebow for example. There are fewer better people walking the planet than him, much less football players of any sort.

Myron Rolle is another example. The Rhodes Scholar wants to be a doctor and already has set up a foundation to fund a health clinic in the Bahamas. One of his life’s goals is to find out why so many native Americans are afflicted with juvenile diabetes, among other illnesses.

As Mike Mayock said about Rolle, “His intangibles are off the charts.”

So Joe nearly fell out of his chair when he read Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports detail how, during interviews at the Senior Bowl last month, a member of the Bucs’ contingent that interviewed Rolle had the unmitigated gall to call out Rolle to his face as some sort of a traitor.

During a 45-minute interview before the Senior Bowl in January with seven members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers staff, including head coach Raheem Morris and general manager Mark Dominik, one member of the staff asked Rolle what it felt like to desert his team this season.

“I hadn’t heard that one before,” said Rolle, who pauses ever so slightly before answering to consider his thoughts. “My initial reaction was a bit of confusion. It never was anger, but I was more bothered by the question because if anyone knew my involvement with my teammates, how much they care about me and how much I care about them.”

Nice research there by the Bucs, huh?

Joe doesn’t know where to begin. Joe is so stunned, he is having a hard time being outraged.

Joe knows whoever this mental midget was that asked Rolle that question was likely trying to draw a reaction out of Rolle, but really!?

Let’s see: Rolle had a once in a lifetime opportunity to further his education at the highest of the world’s higher institutes of learning; an honor very, very, very few people are afforded — all with the blessing of the school, coaching staff and team he attended and played for — and some asswipe who likely has a two-bit physical education degree from some low-rung land grant state directional school has to gall to ask that question?

So Joe guesses this asswipe employee of the Bucs also considers every junior who enters the draft a deserter as well?

No wonder the Bucs cut Warrick Dunn, why, he deserted his siblings after his mother was murdered to leave his hometown to attend college, the absolute nerve this lowlife Dunn had! The Bucs cannot have someone of such ill repute on their squad!

Derrick Brooks helps launch a school for God’s sake. Nope, can’t have his ilk sully the roster. The Bucs need more guys to slug cabbies in the grill Joe assumes?

If Bucs general manger Mark Dominik — who Joe personally likes a great deal and has a lot of respect for — has any balls he would either force this scumbag who went after Rolle to publicly apologize or he should have his ass demoted to clean out urinals at the CITS after games.

What next, the same guy is going to ask some player who grew up in a fatherless home what’s it like to have a whore for a mother?

Or maybe the same derelict is going to ask Tebow if he’s a homosexual since he hasn’t had sex with a woman yet?

This is just absolutely beyond the pale and Joe is sick right now to call himself a Bucs fan!

The word “shameful” doesn’t begin to describe what some asshole asked Rolle.

Rolle (and Tebow) are all that’s right about sports.

Whoever this jerk was who works for the Bucs who went after Rolle is such a way is all that’s terrible about sports.

There are better, more professional and dignified ways to get a rise out of an interviewee than that.

58 Responses to “Bucs Staffer Called Myron Rolle A Deserter”

  1. up the gut Says:

    I want this asswipe aqnd his bosses fired!

  2. sensiblefan Says:

    Let me play Devil’s Advocate for a moment Joe: Myron Rolle is a kid who’s been the very model of consistency and success throughout his whole life. His resume is spotless; his reputation squeeky clean. Does that mean that he doesn’t have some character flaw that he’s hiding?

    The Combine is a place where this type of questioning needs to happen. At some point in his career he’s going to get a question that he doesn’t like and he’s got to learn how to respond. This reminds me of you questioning Brees at the Super Bowl where he came off like a jackass. If Brees was as calm as Rolle maybe we’d have a bit more respect for him. Rolle sounded like he did great and I’m sure his stock shot up in the Bucs eyes.

  3. bucologist Says:

    I have to say, Joe, that turned my stomach. I wanted the bucs to draft him because I felt he would be a derrick brooks influence. Man, I am trying very hard to keep the faith. What idiot would turn down that opportunity??

  4. Louie Says:

    It had to be Morris!

  5. Gary Says:

    $50 says it was Morris!

  6. Eric Says:

    Far from deserting his team, this man brought only prestige and respect to Florida State University, which needed it BTW.

    The stupid ignorant prick who asked such a question should be fired, and all who approved it.

  7. BucWonder Says:

    I think it was an attempt to see how Rolle would react when something totally unfair and unexpected happens. Unfair and unexpected things can happen in life and the NFL. Its good to know how someone will react. There are clearly better ways to determine this, but I don’t for a minute really think the Bucs consider Rolle a deserter.

  8. Eric Says:

    Calling a guy a deserter has relevance to how he will perform as a professional football player? Unbelievable.

    The Bucs arent the Navy Seals for Gods sake.

    I don’t know what is worse, the guy asking the question, or people actually condoning it.

  9. BucWonder Says:

    Eric, you have chosen to miss my point, but that’s OK with me.

  10. Eric Says:


    I havent chosen to miss it, I have just plain missed it. “Its good to know how someone will react”. What does that even mean in the context of playing football?

    I interview people all the time, for way more emotionally draining work than the NFL, would never contemplate such a question.

  11. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    hmmmm, so I guess it’s safe to say we wont be drafting Rolle ??

  12. BucWonder Says:

    Eric, perhaps if you read my entire post slowly, it will come to you. But then again, maybe not.

  13. OAR Says:

    Wow, I guess all college players leaving for the draft with eligilbilty left must be desserters then?

  14. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Frankly, from this second rate crew, I would expect nothing less. Class act everyone. I bet this weekend they are all down at the Blue Martini with their friends laughing at how they stumped Rolle.

    Cut Clayton in ’10

  15. Eric Says:


    Even at a very slow pace, the point simply does not surface.

    Maybe you are speaking in some sort of code and it has to be read backwards for any meaning to be discerned? Is English your second language?

    Did you get a physical education degree from Hofstra ?

  16. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Eric

    1) This type of question goes right to the heart of Rolle’s biggest red flag: Is this young man going to retire early? Is his heart really into football for the long haul or is he going to take his signing bonus and retire early (see Robert Smith-Vikes)

    2) Dealing with the media is another part of being a professional football player. He’s going to be questioned about his commitment to football from now until he proves that he’s going to be a pro and stay committed to his team. Face this fact: Rolle did something that was selfish (in a good way) when he left the team last year. He left his team without one of their best players and team leaders, leading to a terrible year.

    Calling him a “deserter” was a bit callous but he was merely being tested based on the aforementioned red flags. This type of questioning happens all the time at the Combine because nobody wants to have another Ryan Leaf on their hands.

  17. AllMaddenMonkey Says:

    Everyone is Overreacting. Are you Myron Rolle’s dad or something Joe? Lol.

    “and some asswipe who likely has a two-bit physical education degree from some low-rung land grant state directional school has to gall to ask that question?”

    Wow. This was entirely more offensive than that question could ever be.

  18. Joe Says:


    Robert Smith was a borderline malcontent. Didn’t he actually quit — literally quit — when he was at Ohio State one year? He also fought with Vikings coaches until he finally gave up.

    At least when Rolle left Florida State he did so with the blessing of the school and the team.

    Joe has never read that Rolle had any issues like Smith did at Ohio State, though Joe does remember reading that Mickey Andrews mocked him for studying too much.

  19. Joe Says:


    “and some asswipe who likely has a two-bit physical education degree from some low-rung land grant state directional school has to gall to ask that question?”

    Wow. This was entirely more offensive than that question could ever be.

    Joe could have called the culprit a high school dropout but Joe didn’t want to insult high school dropouts.

  20. Eric Says:

    Let me see if I am following this logic. In our fair state the football powerhouses contantly have students who either fail to graduate, or get some BS degree.

    Here is a guy who works his butt off to get one of the most distinguished honors available in academics, and you question his commitment? But all these guys who don’t even get a degree, many who are thugs in a uniform and can barely read, arent questioned about their commitment?


  21. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Joe

    Agreed on Robert Smith. These two men are very different. However, the basis for the fear of drafting both players come from the same place. Is this kid going to get drafted by my Bucs and play for two or three years and leave us with *gulp* Sabby the Goat? Or do we can draft someone else who may be able to fill another need for ten years? That’s what the heart of the question was about. I don’t believe anyone at One Buc was actually questioning the young man’s commitment to his teammates, only his commitment to football vs. the other things in his life.

    As oxymoronic as this sounds, the kid has great red flags. Rolle has so many positive things going on outside of football that he doesn’t NEED football. He wants to be a doctor right? What’s football going to do his mental acuity? Or his steady surgical hands?

    My whole point is that his commitment to football needs to be questioned in as many ways as possible if the Bucs are going to throw millions of dollars at him.

  22. Eric Says:

    By the way any of you people ever heard of Roger Staubach? Five year tour of duty after he graduated the Naval Academy.

    I guess he was a freakin deserter too………………..

  23. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Eric

    You’re absolutely right. The system is flawed…partly on purpose, partly by custom. The NFL WANTS players to be dumb (relatively speaking) so they can control them. Knowledge is power Big Dog.

    Back to the Rolle thing, questioning him is a straight money issue. Draft picks are like gold in the NFL and if a pick is wasted on somebody who isn’t going to play for the shelf life he was intended to play, the whole franchise is set back, make-up pick(s) have to be made and jobs are lost.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Way to cut loose on him Joe, and not hold back.
    Sticks and stones…

  25. Eric Says:

    I suppose they are waisting their time with that Wonderlic exam, since they really strive to get as many dumb asses on the team as possible………….who can do absolutely nothing else but play football.

    Maybe they cut Brooks because of that MBA? Heck, Culpepper had the gall to get a Law Degree!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Eric

    LMAO! Nice.

  27. Joe Says:


    By the way any of you people ever heard of Roger Staubach? Five year tour of duty after he graduated the Naval Academy.

    I guess he was a freakin deserter too………………..

    Joe can’t remember where he read this but someone asked Gil Brandt if Rolle taking a year off hurt him as an NFL player and Brandt thought that was a ludicrous notion, even bringing up Roger Staubach and Bullet Bob Hayes as examples of players that were out of football yet had good careers.

    Who was the running back who went to the Naval Academy and served his tour and played for the Raiders? Had a decent career until he blew his knee out. Napoleon McCallum?

  28. Joe Says:


    As oxymoronic as this sounds, the kid has great red flags. Rolle has so many positive things going on outside of football that he doesn’t NEED football. He wants to be a doctor right? What’s football going to do his mental acuity? Or his steady surgical hands?

    My whole point is that his commitment to football needs to be questioned in as many ways as possible if the Bucs are going to throw millions of dollars at him.

    Of course it’s a concern, but one can turn the premise around: If he wants to be a doctor so bad and doesn’t need football, what’s he out there for, why did he stay in peak physical condition hiring trainers, etc.? For that matter, Rolle didn’t even need to play football at all at Florida State; he could have gotten a free ride on an academic scholarship.

    That question is absurd on so many levels Joe doesn’t know where to start. It shows whoever asked that did basically zero research on the kid.

    Maybe that speaks volumes about the current state of the Bucs that some clod would even go there?

  29. OB Says:

    As usual the whole story is not reported. After the question was asked, how id the interview end up. Was the qustion discussed with him as to why, was it a friendly parting, was he pissed off? Asking a question for a reason is one thing, how it ends is another? For example, when I would interview personnel for a high management job, I would say to the person, anyone can pay to have a great resume writtten, tell me about yourself. If they could not think on their feet, I did not want them but I would make amends before the interview was over. So what happen with Myron after the question was asked?

  30. Joe Says:


    Outstanding post!

    Personally, Joe believes the professional way to ask that question would be, “Myron, there are some people who think that when you left to pursue your Rhodes Scholar studies, you left your team in pinch. Some might even say that was a selfish move and that you are not a team-oriented player. Can you explain your decision?”

  31. d-money Says:

    OB is right,

    The truth is we don’t know exactly how the question was worded. The article doesn’t say the exact question or how things were handled afterwards.

    This is really a non story. Many questions in a job interview have nothing to do with the actual answer and everything to do with how the person handles themselves when put in an uncomfortable situation.

  32. Louie Says:

    Myron told the story of what happened. If everything ended on a happy note, you think he’d say something like, “yea, they asked me an off-the-wall question, but we’re cool”. He didn’t say anything like that. What’s missing, is he’s really pissed about the question and whether he would want to play for the Bucs or not. Also, did it piss off his agent? If so, that could create problems in the future.

    As Joe mention, there was certainly a more tachful way to ask the question. Myron is clearly not a thug who you’d be trying to provoke to see the reaction.

    PR is reporting that it wasn’t Dominik or Morris. I joked earlier that it was probably Morris, but I would have really been surprised if it was either of those guys.

  33. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    this is far from a non- story, when you ask a guy if he is a quitter just to see how he will react what’s next? Call him a fag to see if it makes him mad? Use a racial slur to try to make him angry? It goes to show what kind of idiots we have running this team.

  34. d-money Says:


    How do you know what Myron did or didn’t say that to the writer of the story?

    It wouldn’t be the first time a writer left out some of the facts to sensationalize a story

  35. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Louie – You’ll have to re-read that PR thing. They’re not saying that. They’re just saying another guy has taken heat for this type of questioning lately No media was in the room, so nobody knows.

  36. d-money Says:


    I hardly think questioning a Football player’s, who has many other promising opportunities, commitment is at all comparable to the things you just mentioned.

    talk about over the top..

    The thing is we don’t know what goes on in these meetings and interviews. This could be the types of questions that every team asks every player. Like Joe said there was no media in the room and there never is.

  37. Louie Says:

    d-money: there are plenty of quotes from Rolle in the article. I’m just saying from those quotes you can’t really tell if he thinks the Bucs are a bunch of jackasses or if he realizes they were just screwing with him.

    Joe: From PR.. “The Bucs staff member that has fallen under heavy criticism lately for these types episodes is neither Raheem Morris nor Mark Dominik.” Maybe they’re talking out of their ass, but they’re saying it’s not Morris or Dominik. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  38. hawaiianbuc Says:

    I would be shocked if it was Raheem Morris. Does he seem like someone who would try to antagonize anyone? In fact, he seems like he is on the opposite end of that spectrum.

    I think this idea that Rolle will retire after a couple years to become a doctor is ridiculous. It’s very simple, if he’s a good player, he will continue to play. Maybe he won’t have a 15 year career, but not many people do. I know a couple things for sure – he won’t punch any cab drivers, and he should be able to “grasp” the playbook.

  39. Tom Says:

    Two words: Dennis Hickey.


    Because the man is a mental midget. Read a transcript of any interview he’s given and you feel like you’re reading the written translation of watching paint dry. Of course he continues to serve willingly to best bud and GM Mark Dominik. Never mind the high draft grades he gave as college scouting director to studs Dexter Jackson, Gaines Adams, Michael Clayton, Sabby Piscitelli etc.

  40. Eric S Says:

    I didn’t really like the question. Just sounds silly to me. He got to do something that few people get to do. I don’t think anyone thinks he abandoned FSU.

    I will stick up for Robert Smith a bit. He fought with Ohio St over academics. I can’t fault him for that. So he left early to pursue the NFL. And Smith did play 8 years in the NFL. It is not like he played 3 or 4. And he also played a demanding position in RB. Yes he left after having his best statistical year. That is his perogative. I’ve seen Earl Campbell in person. The guy can barely walk now. I respect Smith for retiring early. Many people would not have. Maybe you can slam him for not being totally into football. You can say the same thing about David Robinson. I personally am glad that Robinson was never like the asshole Michael Jordan.

  41. landfill Says:

    Sensiblebucsfan, you’re trying to tell me that you don’t believe that a Rhodes scholar could answer a dumb question from a moron with getting riled up? I’m pretty sure he was well prepared for this moronic question from the bucs employee. And if there was ever a time not to play devil’s advocate this would probably be it.

  42. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    If my coach had alzheimer’s, like FSU’s, I would desert also….

  43. sensiblefan Says:

    @ landfill

    Read all of my posts bro. I’ll stand behind the fact that this type of in-depth questioning is the norm at the Combine because evaluators WANT to get into the psyche of the player. They want to push them. Rolle maybe a Rhodes Scholar but he’s also human. My boy Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar. Does that make him infallible? Didn’t think so.

    I do NOT condone calling him a “deserter” but his commitment to football needed to be questioned to get the full file on this great young man. Like I said earlier, by all accounts he’s squeeky clean and he’s got a good head on his shoulders, but for the Bucs not question his commitment to football would be a greater disservice to themselves should they choose to draft him.

  44. JDouble Says:

    Wow 40 responses to this. You guys love to hate the Bucs.

    Every team in the league questions his intentions and wonder how dedicated to football he really is. This was obvously a question to get some kind of rise out of him. If he didn’t get a little fired up, defend himself, and let it be known that he did not desert his team…then they learned everything they needed to know. Many questions are asked simply to see how people respond, at the combine and in any high level interview.

    This guy is very smart and a great role model, but an average football player. First time he breaks a finger and realizes he might not be able to be a nuero surgeon, he’ll retire. I give him three years tops.

  45. JDouble Says:

    Also, as far as him leaving…even if it was the right thing to do, and it was, because being a rhode scholar is alot bigger than football…he did desert his team. They simple asked how it felt to have to make that decision. I’m sure the word “desert” was specificly used to see if he would show some emotion. If his heart was in football, he would have gotten angry and defended himself against such an accusation….but he said himself he never got angry.

    There is a big difference between controlling your temper and not getting angry.

  46. Finerdetailz Says:

    JDouble.. I really like your positive take on all thing Bucs and you don’t seem to have an issue with anything they do.. It’s admirable and I used to be that way.. How long have you been a Buc fan.?. I have to believe not very long.. If you lived thru the Culverhouse years and are still this positive.. I want some of what your taking..

  47. JDouble Says:

    This ain’t the Culverhouse years bro. Just cause I don’t carry around baggage from two decades ago doesn’t mean anything. The Glazers have been nothing but good for this organization.

    Just because most Buc fans are so eager to talk down about our owners, coach, GM, and team….please don’t give me shit for being supportive. That is afterall what a fan does….supports his franchise. Otherwise, why even be a fan?

    We are down and it seems like the whole world is kicking us as much as possible. It pisses me off and I get defensive. It seems most “Buc fans” just pile on and join in the kicking. Say what you want, but I choose to support the Bucs even when they are down, instead of taking everyone else’s side…like a soft rhodes scholar that got his feelings hurt from a typical question that was obviously meant to get a reaction. If you don’t think every team in the league asks inappropiate shocker questions just to see how these guys react…I don’t know what to tell you.

  48. JDouble Says:


    You asked why Rolle would stay in great shape and even come back for the draft if he wasn’t serious about football. I’d like to answer.

    Neuro Surgeons make alot of $$$, but not as much as a NFL star. If he wants to be a Neuro Surgeon, he likely has 4-5 more years of VERY expensive school. Making a few million in the NFL would sure make it easier to get thru those 4-5 years of school. He’s no dummy.

  49. Brad Says:

    Well said… I wasn’t giving you shit.. I actually wish I could let the baggage go but it is difficult. I’m not like most and don’t blame the owners.. I am just trying to understand the new management we have in place. I was a huge Gruden fan and will always be and know a change was needed but the inexperience and mistakes is just driving me nuts. Keep it real..

  50. Brad Says:

    Im not a Rhodes Scholar but I do know my last sentence was incorrect.
    It should have been. : but the inexperience and mistakes are just driving me nuts.

  51. JDouble Says:

    Webster’s Dictionary – (Desert): To leave with no intention of returning.

    So yeah, Myrone deserted his team. Of course with headlines like “Bucs call Myrone Rolle a Deserter” it sound much more dramatic and fuels the hate. Conjures up images of finger pointing and yelling. The reality is they asked him how it felt to have to choose his education over his team. Ohhh the horror!

  52. JDouble Says:

    I’m drunk and have company…I should go now. Peace! Go Bucs!

  53. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    JDouble Im not trying to be a dick but I don’t think people post here because they hate the Bucs.

  54. Eric Says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but the full definition of “desert”, as if anybody doesn’t know what it means……………..

    N1. To leave empty or alone; abandon.
    2. To withdraw from, especially in spite of a responsibility or duty; forsake: deserted her friend in a time of need.
    3. To abandon (a military post, for example) in violation of orders or an oath.
    To forsake one’s duty or post, especially to be absent without leave from the armed forces with no intention of returning.

  55. mrgone Says:

    Must be a slow day for some of you guys. A Buc official asks a question (that’s all it was) DURING AN INTERVIEW (where it’s standard to ask questions), of a player who most of you wouldn’t pick for our team (he’s gonna quit after his first hangnail), and now we all got red asses about it, we want the official fired, and how could he say that about such a fine young man. I know what I’m gonna do, go watch the 2 person co-ed luge portion of todays Olympic coverage, rather than waste time (40 responses!) on this argument.

  56. Eric Says:

    Its a real slow day Mrgone.

    As to this issue, I hear a lot of folks pushing Dez Bryant for the 3rd pick

    I hope our combine interviewer asks him some tough questions about the suspension he got after three games, for lying to investigators. That is, if he didnt use up his keen interrogation skills by insulting that Rhode Scholar prick.

    Where is that dang Oxford place anyhow, over there in England somewhere? Jerk off deserter……………

  57. BucWonder Says:

    JDouble, you’re right. There sure are some hate filled posters here. Football is a GAME, guys. Lighten up before you blow a … gasket.

  58. Radio Raheem Says:

    I have gas.