“Buccaneers Will Not Spend Money”

February 26th, 2010

Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com, delivers a scathing rant directed at Bucs’ management in this video, part of his “Fix My Franchise” series.

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  • 14 Responses to ““Buccaneers Will Not Spend Money””

    1. justin F Says:

      us tampa fans need to start a protest of the glazers they do it in buffalo lets get a big billboard and hang it right by ray jay and have it say spend some money or sell the team to some who cares anyone with me on this

    2. bucfanjeff Says:

      He’s absolutely right.
      I understand the rebuilding plan and I was all for letting the guys go last year. This year you need to build on last year. Freeman can’t do it all and letting AB walk is a mistake.
      They must not trade back. I understand why they would, but you need elite talent and McCoy\Suh is just that. Why not start off year 2 with a bang? So far, it’s thud.

    3. Louie Says:

      I think Florio and VM should debate the issue. I think VM’s head will explode.

      Come on you Glazer lovers, started defending your boys!

    4. d-money Says:


      How many times can we here this.

    5. LaughingCat Says:

      Brian and Joel Culverhouse will not sell the team or make it competitive until they get rid of their ManU kickball team. BUt that ain’t happening so we can all pick another team to look forward to when they visit the Yuckaneers.

    6. JDouble Says:

      Back when we had Simeon, Brooks, Barber, Sapp, Lynch, Quarles, and Kelly….we were maxed out. Spending the maximum amout aloud by the salary cap.

      Over the past 6 years, all those guys have gotten old and been released except Barber. The reason reason we have been so far below the salary cap the last few years is because none of our first round picks have worked out. Those our the guys that normally take up all your salary, but the only 1st round picks from the last twelve years that are worth a damn, are Gavin Joseph, and Talib. Maybe Freeman….we’ll see.

      All our big contract guys got old and we drafted so horribly for so long that we don’t have any big contract guys to replace them. Now we have a lack luster team and low salary. Some of you don’t seem to grasp this. What would you have the Glazers do? Give guys like Sabby and Quincy Black huge contracts so our salary is higher?

      The Glazers have not been cheap. They traded for K2 and paid him, they drafted a 1st round QB and paid him. They signed Ward. They paid Clayton big even though he didn’t deserve it. They tried to get Cutler, Vilma, and offered Haynesworth more money than any other team. Haynesworth said so himself. They evn paid Chucky millions to sit on the couch because they decided he was not taking us in the right direction. People wanna say Rheem is a bargain, but when you add his salary to the salary Gruden is still collecting…it ain’t cheap.

      It’s easy to make the Glazers the skape goats, especially because they own a second sports franchise that is in debt, but the truth they haven’t been cheap. When we had great talent, they paid them. We just don’t have the talent to have a big salary right now. It really is that simple.

      If you wanna be mad at someone, be mad at Dennis Hickey and the rest of our scouting dept. Be mad at the Glazers for keeping them around for so long. Be mad at all these so called experts that keep talking shit about our franchise. Have some pride in your team, even when they are down.

    7. Louie Says:

      OK JDouble, the only player the Bucs have tendered an RFA offer is Donald Penn. Why not a long-term deal? Instead Penn is probably going to skip all the OTA’s again.

      They announced they AB is gone. How come they haven’t tendered Brian Clark, Barrett Ruud, Maurice Stovall, Jeremy Trueblood, Carnell Williams, plus a few others? They’ve got a week left to do it, but they haven’t made any announcements. JDouble, are you going to actually say all those guys are busts and shouldn’t be resigned.

      JDouble, come on man, wake up!

    8. zech Says:

      i bet sense thet tendered penn then they will do the same for trueblood ! i do think they will let barret ruud and stovall and clark walk cuz they r all replaceable so then get their replacements in the draft!

    9. Eric Says:

      I think the Saint tendered offers to 13 players today, and are looking into signing LT.

    10. JDouble Says:

      Louie, are you actually gonna say that the Glazers aren’t going to resign/tender those guys next week? C’mon man wake up!

      The Bucs are tendering thier RFAs just like every other team in the league because it is cheaper and safer untill the CBA gets worked out.

    11. JDouble Says:

      Oh guess what. We just tendered Ruud and Trueblood. Is the sky still falling?

    12. Eric Says:

      It actually already fell.

    13. Radio Mushmouth Says:

      In all due respect to Mike FLorio , he knows dick about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

      Before we throw management completely under the bus , how about we wait and see what they actually do ?

    14. Scott Says:

      I like the way people defend the Glazers as if some evil outsider had made up this whole story. Guess what; the people that said the Bucs were going to spend big in free agency were employed by or owners of the Bucs. We kept getting told that the money rolled over and just wait until we go out and get some home run hitters. Am I the only one that remembers that? Also offering the phony contract to Haynesworth so that they could look like they wanted to spend money was a dead give away.

      They started this by trying to justify having some of the highest ticket prices in the NFL.