Why The 2010 Pro Bowl Will Be (Is?) A Failure

January 27th, 2010

Are any of Joe’s readers heading down to the Pro Bowl this weekend? Anyone? Bueller?

Joe didn’t think so.

Having the Pro Bowl on the mainland instead of Hawaii and a week before the Super Bowl has greatly watered down what is already a watered down event.

The great Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com takes a look at why and how it may be fixed.

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4 Responses to “Why The 2010 Pro Bowl Will Be (Is?) A Failure”

  1. JayDuck Says:

    There is no saving the Pro Bowl.

    Why do I watch football? To see linebackers leveling running backs, to see safeties creaming receivers, and to see mammoth defensive ends plowing through quarterbacks.

    Football is a violent game, and the Pro Bowl is anything but.

  2. D-money Says:

    The Pro Bowl is a joke. It’s not anyones fault or anything that can be fixed that’s just the way it is.

    No one wnats to get hurt playing in an exibition game.
    I sure as hell wouldn’t want one of my teams star players blowing an ACL in the game. (unfortunately my team doesn’t currently have any star players)

    I say they have a weekend long flag football tournament. That’s pretty much all it is now anyway.

  3. JDouble Says:

    Probowl is lame. The only thing cool about it was being in Hawaii. Moving it state side and before the SuperBowl was idiotic and took it from boring to horrible.

  4. LL Says:

    After living in Hawaii for a few years it is a shame that the NFL moved it this year. The people of Hawaii depended on the event for money coming in . The players loved going to Hawaii.. a reward for them..they can go to Miami anytime..there is something special about Hawaii, even though the game is a sham..