When Would The Glazers Demand Tebow?

January 31st, 2010

After chatting with his good friends at Topper Town on Saturday, Joe fired up his NFL Network to watch the Tim Tebow Senior Bowl.

Of course, Tebow looked like the mid-round quarterback project he is. And his draft stock surely didn’t improve. Take away the mania surrounding the guy, and he’s just another QB with serious mechanics issues lacking experience in a pro offense.

But for the Bucs’ heirarchy, that mania and all that is Tim Tebow won’t be ignored. How could the cash-conscious, ticket-challenged Glazers not at least consider the financial impact of drafting Tebow? 

Joe’s not calling to draft the guy; He’s not needed. What Joe’s considering is at what point do the Glazers start seeing all the dollar signs that Tebow would represent.

If he’s sitting there late in the third round or when the Bucs draft high in the fourth round, Tebow could be an extraordinary profitible pick for Team Glazer. Based on previous draftees in that range, Tebow’s signing bonus and salary combined for 2010 could easily be less than $1 million.

Think about the gobs of cash the Glazers could rake in just for Tebow’s two home preseason appearances. All of a sudden those meaningless games become must-see events for tens of thousands of Gator fans who just want to see Timmy try to pick apart future UPS drivers in the fourth quarter.

If third-string QB Tebow puts just an extra 15,000 in the house per preseason game (likely much more), then that’s more revenue generated than the Glazers would pay him for the entire year right there. 

And all that exposure and hype is great for regular season ticket sales.

Then there’s all those Tebow jerseys and T-shirts that will be gobbled up, plus the packed houses at training camp, which likely would have an admission charge with that much demand. (It was free last year).

And you can’t leave out the ripple effect through the Bucs organization when its corporate sales team can start pitching Tebow to potential sponsors. Joe suspects they’d get a lot more return phone calls about advertising on those preseason telecasts and all the other options for a company to attach itself to Tebow.

Tebow could be a virtual cash cow for the Glazers and be a pillar in the community. And maybe, eventually, the Bucs would find a use for him on the field.

Joe suspects that Team Glazer has run the numbers on what Tebow would mean to the organization and there will be a plan in place. They’re too smart to blow it off.

13 Responses to “When Would The Glazers Demand Tebow?”

  1. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Sure, sacrifice a draft pick and the possibility of drafting someone we actually need for an average quarterback to satisfy 15,000 Gatorfans on unemployment who wont go to the game anyway. Great plan.

    Question: What do you get when you drive through Gainesville, Fl very, very fast?
    Answer: A diploma…….

  2. adam Says:

    this guy will be drafted a lot earlier than most of you think….i think he goes in the first round…just for all the reasons joe has stated….the bucs would be smart to take him…not at 3….move back a bit and get other picks….and get him a bit later in the round….then figure out how to use him….years ago we used to have one feature back in the nfl…now teams have 2 and sometimes a 3 headed monster…..who’s to say 2 qb’s isnt the newest thing….with the evolvement of the wild cat in the nfl and all….he could be a qb-slash-rb….a guy who can actually get hit….treat freeman with kid gloves…and let tebow go in and get nasty and run and use trick plays, and the wildcat….i would snag the guy and develop him and use him situationally for a while like pat white….or vick…..teams are now doing it….i would grab him before someone else does…you really need a top of the line oc to use him properly as well…not sure we have that either….we really have nothing to lose as we are pretty good at losing already…..drafting tim teblow would cause such a hoopla in tampa….the ripple effect would be insane….might make the glazers trade down in the first, pick up more pics, and grab tebow with about the 14th pick in the draft…dont be surprised if team glazer gets this going….and tell me parcells wouldnt figure out a way to use and develop him…im not sure raheem and domino head have the know how to deal with the project but there are a handful of nfl imperials who would know how to handle tim…and he is stellar when it comes to the media, and off field stuff…he is going to get snagged faster than you think in this draft just due to the intangebales alone…i say round 1…….adam from ny

  3. Tommy Boy Says:

    Oh god. Please stay away from Tebow. All the distraction and QB controversy that would follow is definitely not something this young team needs.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    IMO…we should trade Aaron Sears for a 3rd round pick……to draft any player….perhaps Tebow

  5. Finerdetailz Says:

    Drafting tebow would be retarded. What in the
    hell would be the point. Plus it would ruin Freemans
    growth because after the 1st int everyone would
    be asking for the most popular guy in a bad team, the
    back up quarterback.
    This team has already wasted way too many picks in the draft.
    Combine that with the fact the Bucs aren’t going
    to be active in free agency, Tebow would be a waste
    even the 5th round.

  6. jason Says:

    How can anyone say this guy would be a wasted draft pick. Watch in 2 years when this QB is running crazy in the N.F.L. Tebow is a proven winner and a great leader wich we need on this team. I would trade Freeman for Tebow any day of the week. What did Freemann do in the sorry ass Big 12? Jack sh*t! Tebow dominated the SEC the strongest league in college and he is going to dominate in the N.F.L. 2 years from now Bucs fans will be kicking themselves in the ass cause we didnt get this guy. Question Buc fans do you really believe Freeman is gonna win us a superbowl? Now ask yourself can you see Tebow winning one? I CAN! DRAFT HIM!

  7. Jer Says:

    Crazy. If you think the guy can play then draft him. Most think he can’t play. If he wasn’t such a college star the guy might not get drafted. You can’t will your way to talent. Any initial excitement will be short lived. Jersey sales? The guy will have to prove something before all these financial possibilities are realized. I will give you pre season games. Other than that he won’t offer much financially unless he can play. Anything before the 6th round is crazy. You don’t take fliers in the 3rd/4th round.

  8. Joe Says:


    Tebow is a proven winner and a great leader wich we need on this team.

    Be careful. Proven winners and leaders in college don’t mean much in the NFL.

    Just ask Jay Barker.

    Or Tommie Frazier.

    Or Chris Weinke.

  9. RastaMon Says:

    Tommie Frazier never played in the NFL

  10. Joe Says:



  11. Tommy Boy Says:

    @ Jason

    You are the exact type of fan that this article is referencing. Your man crush on Tebow will make you one of the 15,000 fans that show up just to watch your new Jesus play football. He was complete trash at the Senior Bowl so how do you think he will be a Superbowl winner in 2 years. Wake up! The age of Tebow is over. You sound to bitter to accept that reality.

  12. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Being a home-state Heisman hero only goes so far once people realize you SUCK in the NFL.

    He won’t sell many tickets ….just ask Danny Wuerrfel…

  13. Louie Says:

    Bucs are already married to Freeman. They can’t afford to create a QB controversey. Besides, Tebow will go earlier than the third round. He’ll probably be drafted by a team that can afford to develop him. Don’t underestimate the kid.