Brandon Marshall To The Bucs

January 31st, 2010

Though Bucs general manager Mark Dominik has been steadfast in his theory that the Bucs will not be active in the free agent market, that doesn’t mean he may be active in the trade market.

While the Bucs have limited talent for Dominik to play with in trade talks, he does have draft picks.

This has led the Mile High Report blog to suggest Dominik will trade for the disgruntled wide receiver, claiming  — without sources — Dominik would swap both Bucs second round picks and a fifth round pick for Marshall.

This trade makes sense to me on multiple levels.  The Buccaneers have to be considered a legitimate landing spot for Marshall because they have 10 draft picks, first and foremost.  They also have a huge need at the receiver position.  This trade would also allow Marshall to return to his beloved state of Florida, but it also gives the Broncos the opportunity to trade him to a far worse situation than he has here in Denver (for whatever that’s worth).

Will he get his money?  Absolutely, but all joking aside, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a complete joke as of this moment in time.  They do have a quarterback of the future they really like in Josh Freeman, and he needs some bigger targets being that he is a bigger quarterback.

This trade makes sense for the Broncos because they rid of a headache, and they have a lot more flexibility in free agency (Denver Post reports the Broncos want this deal done shortly after March 5th free agency start) and the draft.

Joe thinks this price is a bit steep, but it’s not like Dominik is afraid to deal draft picks for offensive skill position players. Look at what he did to get Kellen Winslow.

36 Responses to “Brandon Marshall To The Bucs”

  1. Tommy Boy Says:

    Two 2nd rounders and a 5th is waaaay too steep to acquire Marshall. Resign Bryant and save the picks. Bucs have too many needs that could potentially be addressed with those picks.

  2. Buddhaboy Says:

    If they did that, what happens to “buidling through the draft”?

    I guess i would like to have him, do you think him and K2 could co-exist? Still need a speedy running back, mccluster maybe?

  3. RastaMon Says:

    Marshall will be disgruntled here too…..this team is REBUILDING !!!!!!!
    we are at least a dozen young homegrown established starters away( that means about 2-3 years from now) from cherry picking stars.
    Trade Aaron Sears for another 3 and let the truth about rebuilding be shouted from the top of RayJay !

  4. Kirk Says:

    No, no, no and NO! Give up two second round draft picks for another pain in the ass? Build this team the right way….through the darft and wise choices in free agency. This guy may be good, but the baggage he brings with him is not worth the price.

  5. JayDuck Says:

    Later in the same article, this guy claims Tim Tebow is “too valuable to let sneak out of the first round” so let’s not mistakenly assume he knows what he’s talking about.

  6. Travis Says:

    I would do the trade for a proven star. Rather then let the bucs pick another Dexter and sabby. Everyone hated the winslow trade and said he would be a pain. He not only did not bitch but he was our only player that had a chance to make the pro bowl. Anyways they will most likely take a wr with one of the 2 second round picks. If they do take one it is like giving up a 2nd and 5th pick to know your second round wr pick is a top 3 wr in the NFL

  7. Eric Says:

    Marshall is a beast. Do it.

  8. Jon Says:

    Two 2nd rounders is way too much, especially in a draft that is loaded with talent. This is not the draft to be dealing away picks, its a deep draft that you would want as many picks as you can get.Maybe for a 2nd this year and a 2nd next year, but even that is giving me thoughts. Marshall is good, but I agree that we should resign Bryant, and use one of those 2nds on a WR, like a Benn, or a Lafell, or Gilyard.And if we stay at the 3rd pick, if either Suh or McCoy are there, get him, if not , trade the pick for more picks , maybe with a team that wants one of those QB’s

  9. JOSH P Says:

    since Dominik keeps talking about building in the draft if this trade was to take place you can almost be certain that the bucs will be trading out of that 3rd pick to aquire an additional pick.. it does actually make since, a solid draft isn’t going to put more butts in the seats but if they go and get a big name player with some imediate help from the draft that might sell a few more tickets

  10. JOSH P Says:

    correct me if im wrong didn’t Marshall become a pain in the ass once Shannahan got fired and dennis the menace was hired as the head coach??(i know he had a some off the field issues but i’m talking as a looker room problem) maybe new start will be good for him and its not like he is old so if it takes 2 years to get back to the playoffs Marshell will still be in h is prime. i like the idea as long as we are able to replace those picks with some other trades.

  11. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Terrible. They could snag Dexter McCluster & Jordan Shipley with those two picks and avoid the headaches……

    a 3rd and a fifth, then maybe I’d do it….but this is too steep a price

  12. JOSH P Says:

    first of all i honestly don’t even think you would have to give up both 2nd for him. i think denver is so willing to get rid of him.

  13. JOSH P Says:

    so do you think McCluster or shipley would have the impact that marshall would have right away?? not a chance. Marshall is one of the top 5 recievers on the football field

  14. RastaMon Says:

    hello….we don’t need ONE impact player…..we don’t even have a real starting 22…..
    OK….for all those that can’t see beyond their Red and Pewter pom poms….
    I’m starting a scale….the Scale of 26…which is comprised of 11 defensives player
    11 offensive players
    1 kicker
    1 kick returner
    1 punter
    1 pun returner

    scoring counts as…..1 awarded only if ability to start at a 1 of 26 position is safe….
    next week in the Super Bowl both teams will be playing with a ranking in the high teens…..
    the 2009 Bucs are to be generous in the high single digits

  15. adam Says:

    you really need to wait for the idiot to do something wrong again and put his stock at an all time low….and thats when domino head makes the phone call….lets all pray for a brandon marshall dwi or something like that…without hurting anyone of course in the process….then we swap a 2 for him and thats it…….adam from ny

  16. adam Says:

    also we need to get out of the number 3 spot if we pull a trade….i wonder what you can get for the number 3 pick…might you be able to get 2 number 2’s and a number 3…..i would take 3 picks for the 1 pick if you have a trusty scouting department…which of course we dont have….adam from ny

    or: if you call about marshall now, maybe you could swap 1st round picks with them and have them throw marshall in…and maybe even give them clayton…lol…that sounds good but i dont know exactly where denver is picking….they must be like the 18th pick

  17. jason Says:

    Rasta man u need to lay off of that sh8t you are smoking. What are you even talking about.

  18. RastaMon Says:

    this roster is so far off from giving up anything for a malcontent !

    “Dominik would swap both Bucs second round picks and a fifth round pick for Marshall.”
    no can DO !

  19. CharlieB Says:

    It’s kind of silly to argue the merits of speculation, but there is no way I’d pull this trade for this price. We’re young and rebuilding. I’d give up a second and a 5th at most. To be honest, I’d rather draft Gilyard and Shipley. I think they’ll both be amazing pro players. That said, its hard to turn down a guaranteed productive big target.

    Now if this were for Anquan Boldin I might consider it. Q is much older, however he’s a locker room leader. It would be great to have some veteran leadership back in our locker room.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’d offer Ruud, Clayton, and a 3’rd round pick for Marshall. I would give up no more than the 2’nd round Bear’s pick. Haste makes waste, Dominick should be patient and let the trade come to him on his terms. Few teams are looking for T.O. type trouble.

  21. JOSH P Says:

    the key work there is i THINK they will be amazing pro players.. Marshall IS an amazing pro player!!! if you guys honesly think they are going to resign Bryant your crazy. you would take Boldin over Marshall??have you compared stats over the last threee seasons??? sure if we are starting a boys and girls club i would take boldin is already showing signs of braking down… i pay to go to bucs games to watch a winner not look for someone for my kids to look up too, thats my job!!! if they can get McCoy or Suh and trade for Marshall that would be significant progress from last season and Bryant can’t even hold a candle to the skills Marshall has!!! and why are most of you making a big deal about Marshalls off the field problems and then turning around a talking about how we should keep bryant?? didn’t he have some issues before coming to tampa? heck the guy missed a whole season for god sakes and we gave him a second chance and he’s stayed out of trouble so who’s to say Marshall wouldn’t do the same specially coming to a much smaller market than Denver. hell give them Clayton, our late 2nd and 5th!!!

  22. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    not gonna happen….not for that price.

    As big of a pain in the ass as Marshall has been I bet the Broncos would bite for 1 2nd rounder…

  23. JOSH P Says:

    i agree Mushmouth!! i don’t even think you need to offer them two 2nd round picks

  24. JOSH P Says:

    lets see what sounds better on opeing day Marshall, Stroughter, Stovall or Bryant, Clayton, and Stroughter???? no brainer

  25. Sgt Mike Says:

    So, if we can get a team to trde up with us to get that #3 spot and give us a lower 1rst rounder and a 2nd rounder. Leaving us with three 2nd rounders maybe. I also think we should trade them Clayton and some picks. Let’s not forget that Boldin may be in the mix as well. He definitely wants out of AZ for a greener pasture where he can shine as a true #1 WR. Free agency should have a couple of big bangs this year but not a bunch and definitely not a Haynesworth type of deal. The bucs should be wise and be on the front line of the 1 or 2 blockbusters this season. WR sounds like a big need given the fact that we have no big play makers for Freeman. Maybe Denver or AZ would take Bryant and a pick or a combo deal with Bryant and Clayton. Either way Dumbinik needs to get it done this Free agency period. Freshman blues are over. We fans will not accept missing on free agents that should land here and make the team better. See; Vilma, Haynesworth, Cutler.

  26. Dave Says:

    2 second picks????? You are nuts.

    I figure them to take a WR in round 2. I also figure they will trade down and get ANOTHER round 2 pick.

    Based on those assumptions, I would have no problem trading a 2nd round pick for Brandon, maybe even throw in a 5th or 6th.

    No way would I give up 2 seconds though. Denver wants to get something for him. A HIGH second is as good as it will probably get.

    I would prefer they go after Austin or Jackson in free agency and draft a WR in round with that pick…. but money, money, money…

  27. josh Says:

    looking back SGT MIKE would you have really wanted to spend that money on Haynsworth and Cutler was garbage this year!!! Vilma is the only one that we might have missed on. and DAVE please don’t tell me you are refering to Miles Austin?? the guy has has one good season and thats it.. give denver clayton, a 2nd and a 5th or 6th lets do this thing!!!

  28. Sgt Mike Says:

    It had nothing to do with the abilities of Cutler and Haynesfatty. We got a blessing in disguise. At least with haynesfatty. I was pointing to the fact that Dumbinik seemed to not have any negotiating ability to land any of those free agents. I guess we will find out this year if he has what it takes to land the right playmakers for this team. Cutler would have definitely been better than that Fartknocker Leftwich and it would have allowed us to pick up Freeman in the 2nd rd where he belonged. Thus the project kid could have been just that. Assuming that he was still available, which I think he would have been. Anyway, I just hope Dumbinik has the ability to get something done.

  29. josh Says:

    first Haynsworth even said that TB offered more money but he thought WASH was more of a football town and thats why he chose them over us and second Cutler wasn’t a free agent he was traded to Chicago so lets be thankful Dominik wasn’t willing to give up anything for him and cutler wouldn’t had made a difference, our D was so bad early in the season.. everyone looks at what Dominik didn’t do or who he didn’t sign but so far the his first draft has seemed to be pretty good and has shown progress and of all 5 of the players that were cut back in Feb not one of them finished the 2009 season on a team(im not saying Brooks didn’t deserve to be on a team). so far the only mistake that i can see he has really made was to resign Clayton and who knows maybe they resigned him to be able to trade him to acquire more draft picks???(probably a reach but just a thought)

  30. Eric S Says:

    2 2s and a 5 is way too much for Marshall. We can’t be giving away 3 draft picks when the team has so many holes. Take away one of the 2s and that looks more doable. The guy has been a problem for the Broncos for several years now. And to read his rap sheet causes much concern. This is not a good guy. Not even close.

    This offseason is huge. I truly hope Dominik and Rah don’t screw it up.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Dominik did well signing Ward, the Lone FAnger. He didn’t have a great season, but he is still a productive back and has trade value, or if Cadi gets hurt, he is a good back up. Winslow was a good trade as well, so Dominik didn’t do too bad, and thank the Good Lord we missed Fat Albert. He was a major disappointment for the Skins. Hopefully Dominik will target 1 or 2 FA’s again. I think you guys are right on track with Marshall or Bolden, but he won’t go after both. I would like a DT as well like Dockett or possibly Osi Umenyiora DE from the Giants. I just hope Dominik signs at least one good FA or makes 1 solid trade for an impact player. But I would not give up either of the Bucs 1’st 2 picks for anybody. Peppers will also be a FA. Wilfork, I can’t see in a Buc uniform. Maybe 2 Bucs uniforms will fit him, but not 1. He could be the first player to wear a number in the 100’s, DT 109.

  32. Eric S Says:

    Ward a good signing? I guess I was watching different games. He was a huge disappointment and big waste of cash. He also wasn’t a great locker room presence with his constant sulking. The Bucs could easily point to him as a big reason why they don’t sign anyone this offseason. What is with these trade proposals with him? I could understand teams wanting him if he was like 25 or 26. But the guy will be 30 this coming season. He is worth nothing on the trade market. Maybe a big bag of doritos or a 6 pack of Beast Light.

  33. josh Says:

    he doesn’t have the carries or the wear and tear that most 30 year old running backs have. not saying we would get anything valuable for him except a late pick

  34. akeem Says:

    No way, i like brandon marshall,but this year’s draft has really good linbacker’s and linemen and also around the 2nd round we can get a real good db to replace ronde barber,we need to focuse on defence, i dont care how good of an offensive player we get,if we get marshall we still will only put up 17 point’s a game,we are the buck’s and our blood run’s strong in the D-fence,we need to rebuild D,stick to what we do best run the ball down opposing team’s mouth’s,short pass’s,and tackle well and apply pressure on opposing QB’s

  35. realist Says:

    you people are crazy marshill is a beast 3 100 receptions years in a row it would take at least 1 and 2 two git him

  36. realist Says:

    ask your self this if marshall was on your team one of the top three wr in the league would you trade him away for two 2 round picks or a 2 and a 5 if so that must be some good smoke