Wednesdays Are A Must On

January 26th, 2010

Former Bucs DE Steve White

Just because the season is over, that doesn’t mean former Bucs defensive end and analyst Steve White is off to the Bahamas until training camp begins.

White is sticking around, and his popular Bull Rush column will continue indefinitely. He’s even going to be busting out a live chat here and there.

Joe is proud to have White breaking down the Bucs defense like no other.

Check back here Wednesday to read White’s next Bull Rush column.

4 Responses to “Wednesdays Are A Must On”

  1. Larry Says:

    Steve White is a super knowledgeable blogger and a real asset to JoeBucsFan. Its rare for us fans to get such insight. I believe it would be interesting to get his take on other areas of the Bucs. Nearly every Bucs game, our opponents defense seemed to spend a lot of time having their way with the QB or stopping the RB before he crossed the line of scrimmage. I’d like to see columns on critiquing other areas other than just the D line.
    {aside} Steve has proven on his Facebook page that he is just an ordinary guy as well. It’s interesting to read his comments on non-football issues.

  2. Jonny Says:

    Amen to everything Larry said, tired of reading Pat Yasinskas’ (vacation man) articles that have so little substance.

  3. Jonny Says:

    BTW, great job Joe.

  4. Joe Says:

    Thank you Jonny.

    Please tell your Bucs friends about Joe!