So What If Donald Penn Is Fat?

January 8th, 2010

During the 2009 preseason, Joe pointed out what seemed to be the obvious: Donald Penn was overweight.

Penn slimmed down before opening day, and then slowly started putting back the pounds.

Several weeks ago on his radio show on 1010 AM, Jeff Faine talked about how the offensive line was giggling about how Penn would look in the white pants of the Bucs throwback uniforms. Faine said Penn had no business drawing attention to his rear end.

But Penn had a strong season — fat and all.

The guy earned heavy praise in midseason from his head coach and offensive coordinator. He’s shut down some of the game’s best defensive ends in consecutive seasons. And Mark Dominik raved about how he is a “good athlete” with “good feet” in a chat with eye-RAH! Kaufman, of the Tampa Tribune.

Now the buzz coming out of the Tribune’s team of reporters is that the Bucs front office is concerned about Penn’s weight. Beat writer Woody Cummings even went so far as to say the Bucs could nab a left tackle in the first round of the 2010 draft.

Q: If as you say, that the draft is loaded with defensive talent, would it not be prudent to trade down and pick up both a quality left tackle as well as a defensive lineman?

Edward Meehan, Tampa

A: I’m sure that’s something the Bucs are thinking about. They’re a little concerned about Donald Penn’s weight and their depth at tackle is not exceptional. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them draft a left tackle early on, possibly even in the first round.

— Roy Cummings

Joe just thinks this alleged concern about Penn’s weight is all a bunch of hogwash spin from the Bucs to try and devalue Penn, who is a restricted free agent for 2010.

Penn has started 45 consecutive games for the Bucs at left tackle.

He’s 26 years old.

And even for those scant few who don’t like Penn, everyone can admit he’s a solid left tackle, if not a great one in the making.

Left tackles are critical, especially with a young quarterback. The Bucs need to pay Penn for the long term.

Joe really doesn’t care if he’s got an eating problem. Stick a weight clause in his contract and move on to fixing the broken areas of the team.

9 Responses to “So What If Donald Penn Is Fat?”

  1. Al Says:

    Take a look at the Dallas offensive line, those are some big guys who are also really good at what they do.

    We really cannot afford to let Penn go. Almost all of the bucs 1st downs and big plays rushing come from the center or left side.

    Trueblood needs to be gone in 2010 or pick up his game. Davin joseph also has to improve for 10′.

  2. Jeff Says:

    The Bucs should have signed him to long term when his asking price was lower. The botched that, now have to devalue him in order to get a $200 home town discount. Mark, just sign the guy already. He’s a stud, you know it and so does everyone else.

  3. Mark Says:

    who cares. Did Faine really say giggle?

  4. mpmalloy Says:

    If the Bucs don’t sign Penn then it is SIGN #1 that we
    will have a repeat performance of 2009 in 2010.

    It will be blazing proof that the owners run this team on the
    cheap, cheap, cheap………………………did I say cheeeeap?

    I see the anit-Penn money-saving BS propaganda machine revving up already.
    They’ll tell us we should start the terrible awful kid who came in for Penn and got SCHOOLED hard by the Falcons D……….beacuse Penn is fat??????

    WHAT???!!!………………………Sapp was fat………….
    ……………….give me a break.
    He looked like a high-school-player trying to block Sapp in 1999.

  5. Geno Says:

    I like Penn and think he is a good left tackle, but I don’t agree he is great yet. He is an excellent pass blocker, but he really dogs it on some rushing plays. I’ve seen him get beat several times badly. He seems afraid or too lazy to really throw his body around which is necessary for run blocking.

  6. mpmalloy Says:

    He’s the only decent left Tackle this team has ever had.

    No way to spin it.

    I was wondering what the Penn haters think we should do at left tackle
    if we don’t sign Penn.
    We’ve been looking for decent blind-side protection since………..since
    1976…………………………and now we have it…….

    why on God’s Green Earth would you not sign him??

    UNLESS….you just don’t want to spend the money.

  7. mpmalloy Says:

    This is HUGE Off-Season TEST #1 for our owners.

  8. godsantagonist Says:

    ummmmmmmmm… all these whippernappers don’t remember paul gruber?

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    HWo’s idea was it to put the Elephant’s Ass picture up. Can’t we replace that with Carmella or Rachel. We get the point already. Please no more Animal Ass photos. Bucs definitely need to draft another O Tackle or Center/Guard this year at some point in the draft.