Scouting Department Under The Microscope

January 8th, 2010
If Mark Dominiks scouting department can continue to nail draft picks in this springs draft as the Bucs did in 2009, it will go a long way to rebuilding the Bucs.

If Mark Dominik's scouting department can continue to nail draft picks in this spring's draft as the Bucs did in 2009, it will go a long way to rebuilding the Bucs.

Bryan and Joel have spoken. If the message didn’t hit home in previous months, Monday night’s move to retain Raheem the Dream was loud and clear from the Bucs owners:

The Bucs will build through the draft.

It’s easier said than done. While that’s the smartest way to build a rock-solid football team, saying and doing are two different things.

To build through the draft a team must be able to draft well, even Joe knows that.

So it’s refreshing to read this missive from Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune document that this week, the powers that be at One Buc Palace were reviewing any and all scouts to see if they are up to the task of selecting future Bucs stars.

The only way to take that step, though, is to hit on the picks. That’s what the meetings going on now are about, and when you consider the Bucs recent draft history, it makes sense that they’re having these talks.

Though Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen made the ultimate call, someone put first-, second- or third-round values on Gaines Adams, Dexter Jackson and Marquis Cooper. The Bucs can’t afford to make those kinds of mistakes this time.

There’s no word yet to suggest anyone has lost his job, been demoted or stripped of responsibility, but moves of that nature within scouting director Dennis Hickey’s staff are possible.

To illustrate just how rotten a team can be if it doesn’t draft well, one needs to look no further than Bill Bidwill’s flock in Arizona. The Desert Rats, prior to last year, were so putrid decade after decade after decade that they were the standard bearer for woebegone professional sports franchises.

The Desert Rats had coveted draft slots each and every year, but pissed them away with terrible draft selections.

To successfully build through the draft, scouts have to have a damned good batting average. In other words, the Bucs scouts now must be Pujols-like. The Bucs cannot afford strikeouts like the bad Dexter Jackson in the second round.

11 Responses to “Scouting Department Under The Microscope”

  1. justin Says:

    my guess is with the number 3 pick in the draft the bucs will draft some boring no name o-lineman to try and help protect freeman

  2. aldo Says:

    im feared about that will happen, but i can wait anything with this guys!!!we need a DT period, can anyone explain that to DOM??

  3. Joe Says:


    my guess is with the number 3 pick in the draft the bucs will draft some boring no name o-lineman to try and help protect freeman

    Please check back later. Joe believes you may have ESP.

  4. Jake Says:

    And how long are we supposed to wait for this team to get good building exclusively through the draft? Until the hair on everyones asses turns white? Some quality free agent acquisitions along the way wouldn’t hurt. Sure didn’t hurt the Saints, who after the 2006 season, sucked as bad or worse than we did this year and their fortunes sure turned around quickly when they signed Drew Brees. Just saying that if the Glazers opened up the pocket book and spent a few rubles, which they wont, this rebuilding might conclude before we are all ready to collect social security.

  5. Dave Says:

    People are so cynical someitmes. OF COURSE they are going to sign free agents. They just aren’t going to go out and sign the biggest name out there for a 8 year 90 million contract… and that is a good thing. They need to sign ALOT of guys and draft ALOT of guys.

    As far as the Bucs drafting RUSSELL OKUNG, OT, OKLAHOMA STATE (because that is the O-Lineman justin is referring to), I don’t see it. Personally, I think they need to do this
    1st option: trade down if possible and get more picks.
    2nd option: draft Suh and go WR and another defensive player in round 2
    3rd option: if Suh is not available, draft Haden and get a DT in round 2 along with a WR

    I see them taking an OT but not until round 3-4.

    I guess if they feel Okung is great and they can get their DT and a WR in round 2 (which they can) and they feel good DBs will be there in rounds 3-4…. I can see it, I won’t like it, but it would be understandable because Trueblood needs to be a backup.

  6. Jeff Says:

    We can’t afford to pass on the DT position like we did last year, no offense to Miller. If it’s not Suh or McCoy – we’ll have wasted the pick.

  7. Jake Says:

    Dave, if you listened to Coach Morris’s end of the season press conference he specifically omitted any reference to signing free agents. His top priority is developing Josh Freeman and his second is focusing on the ten draft picks. If you believe the NFL pundits, one of the reasons the Glazers steered clear of Bill Cowher was because he wanted a committment to spend on free agents. If you listened to Scott Ledgers (minister of propoganda on the Buccaneer Radio Network) daily report this morning in referring to the offseason his comments mirror those of Coach Morris, specifically omitting any reference to free agency other than re-signing Jimmy Wilkerson and Barrett Ruud. I don’t believe the ommission of any reference to being active in free agnecy is accidental or coincidental. I think that is the message ownership wants put out there by those on its payroll. Not real hard to connect the dots.

  8. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    I’ll sum it all up for everybody, prepare for the Bucs to suck for along time as long as these clowns are in charge.

  9. buckeyebob Says:

    A solid draft is the way to go. Marshall is a nut job and who wants that kind of distraction in the lockerroom and field. Get #5 some help and build this team with youth, Guys with big $$$ behind their names does not make them a slam dunk to live up to the $$$.

  10. Eric S Says:

    The Bucs can’t just rely on the draft. They need to get some free agents. It should not be one or the other. It would be foolish if they just relied on rookies to help them out.

    The draft is very important. I would suggest that they go after Suh. If they have to give up one of their #2s then so be it. Suh makes everyone better on the D. He is a beast. For their other #2, go S or WR. In free agency they can target those areas as well. It would nice to get a few starters through free agency. I truly hope the Bucs don’t rely on Clayton or Stovall to be their #2 WR. Sammie S is a nice WR. He’s probably more a #3. I don’t think they can afford to lose Bryant. He didn’t have a great year, but he is needed. The Bucs would be in very bad shape if he leaves. Bunch of #3 receivers. Look at all the playoff teams. All of them have the #1 guy. Colts-Wayne, Pats-Moss, Welker, Saints-Colston, Vikings-Rice, Cowboys-Austin, Eagles-Jackson, Packers-Jennings, Cards-Fitzgerald/Boldin, Bengals-Ocho, Chargers-Jackson, Ravens-Mason. The Jets may be the only one that doesn’t have the clear cut #1. I guess you could say Edwards or Jerricho, but maybe not. So getting a stud receiver is important for a playoff team.

  11. George C. Costanza Says:

    If Suh and McCoy go 1-2, trade down. Someone may be eager to trade up to the third pick to beat the Redskins to the first QB off the board. The more picks the better. It increases your chances of success.

    Look at Tanard Jackson, a 4th rounder, or Stroughter, a 7th rounder. Get those overlooked diamonds in the rough.