Robin Meade And Gaines Adams

January 25th, 2010
CNN Headline News anchor Robin Meade makes mornings bearable, no matter her mistakes. These two are not among them.

CNN Headline News anchor Robin Meade makes mornings bearable, no matter her mistakes. These two are not among them.

Joe knows a good number of his brethren in the old school media have an avowed loathing of Al Gore’s invention, the interwebs.

In Joe’s eyes, the interwebs puts power into the fingertips of the proletariat: People get to choose what to read, and when to read, not having to swallow the tripe (coughjohnromano) that the Fourth Estate used to force feed the littles.

This leads Joe to the world renown columnist, fighter of what’s right and watchdog for the commoners, the great Phil Mushnick of the New York Post. Mushnick, in Joe’s eyes, is the standard bearer for columnists.

Before Al Gore invented the interwebs, one had to live in the greater Gotham City area to be enlightened by Mushnick. No more! Now, one can sit anywhere in the world, virtually, and be educated, enlightened — and equally important for a good columnist — entertained by Mushnick.

How is that a bad thing exactly (coughjohnromano)?

When Mushnick sees a wrong, he doesn’t just right it, he absolutely destroys the culprit, often needing a lone paragraph (sometimes just one sentence) to skin the guilty party.

Offenders such as Mike Francesa, Stephen A. Smith, Chris Berman, Don Imus and Joe Morgan — to name a few — have had their carcasses thrown to the ditch, left to rot in the sun and their bodies picked apart by vultures after Mushnick has been through with them.

So Joe found it highly unusual that Mushnick would put the lovely Robin Meade in his crosshairs this weekend.

While Meade, the fetching CNN Headline News morning anchor, is also in Joe’s (ahem) crosshairs as well — for far different reasons — Mushnick ridiculed her for her handling of a report on former Bucs first round pick  Gaines Adams’ death.

CNN Headline News anchor Robin Meade introduced a story about a 26-year-old NFL player, Gaines Adams, being found dead in his home, over the weekend: “[CNN’s] Joe Carter actually interviewed him alive, before.”

Joe totally understands where Mushnick is coming from, but Joe still can’t hold this against Meade, the finest piece of TV news eyecandy this side of Fox News.

Now, if Meade is shaken by Mushnick’s words, Joe is offering his services to comfort Meade in her time of need.

Robin, feel free to e-mail Joe at your convenience at, and Joe will happily help you through this trauma of accidentally, innocently making light of Adams’ death.

Joe still loves ‘ya.

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