Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts

January 3rd, 2010

bucs cheerleader 3

* Now that’s the way to start the game: Kareem Huggins with a fumble recovery on the opening kickoff. Geno Hayes clobbered the return man for a fumble.

* Don’t give up on the run Greg Olson. Keep it up, despite the occassional loss.

* Uh, oh. Third and long. And we all know how well Freeman throws on his first attempt of each game (interception).

* Hey, if this were old time baseball and you could one-hop the ball, then that was a good pass. But we are in the 21st Century so that was a horribly thrown pass.

* Well, at least the Bucs got some points off of that turnover. Bucs up by three.

* If the CITS is empty as Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski claims, on the Bucs radio network the crowd sounds, as Al Michaels would say, “full throat.”

* Beautiful. The Falcons get called for a penalty on a good pass play. Terrible start by the Dixie Chicks which brings a smile to Joe’s face.

* Sabby the Goat got away with a late hit right in front of the referee. Dumbass.

* Sweet tackle by Geno Hayes which saved a first down. Sure, Geno was dragged down but Hayes got the tackle shot of a first down which is what counts. Bucs ball. Good field position too.

* Not an impressive drive thus far by the Bucs.

* Gene Deckerhoff must be freezing. Given the fact he lives in Tallahassee and is freezing, then it must be cold at the CITS.

* Winslow may have a first down. Nice job by Winslow. Good roll out by Freeman.

* The Dixie Chicks are really keying on Caddy.

* Freeman really, really needs to work on his accuracy in the offseason. He damned near threw an interception by mistaking Antonio Bryant for Manute Bol.

* Falcons just gouged the Bucs defense up the middle for damned near a first down and then Norwood gets a first down on basically the same play.

* Good pressure by Syles G. White to force a bad pass by Ryan.

* Good pressure on Matt Ryan and good coverage by Aqib Talib results in a punt. Nice job Bucs defense.

* Bryant was open but no time to throw from Freeman. Then Wiinslow drops a catchable ball.

* Caddy with a nice run but not enough for a first down.

* Defense stands tall for the Bucs again and Caddy is starting to get warmed up.

* Freeman with the escapability to save a sack.

* Wide open to Caddy but too much green to make up.

* Will someone tell Sabby the Goat to watch the ball. Please?

5 Responses to “Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I hotta admit that this 1st quarter is EXACTLY what I wanted the Bucs to do all season long – ball control, stick to the run, short passes to get Freeman’s confience going.

    My ONLY beef is I wish they would use more 2 back sets and give Caddy a FB as well. But compared to the previous 15 games THIS is how I would expect a good HC to run a team with a rookie QB

  2. jason Says:

    thats 1 thing i agree with joe,freeman needs to work on his accuracy

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    PS Did you notice what the Bucs did on 4th and 1?

    QB sneek and guess what? They GOT it.

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    2nd Quarter and Rhonde Blitz’s from the edge with Geno coming in as well. I guess those 34 year old corners have gotta go as well? NOT!

    Go Rhonde – Go Bucs

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    WTH was that?

    The Bucs have been doing ok but they come out with pass, pass, pass, punt?

    Freeman’s NOT hot. His accuracy is an issue in the cold. Stick with the run Raheem! Arrrgggg