Joe Barry’s Dance With Tennessee A Smart Move

January 22nd, 2010
layla kiffin

When Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, his scorching hot wife Layla, and father Monte left Knoxville for Southern Cal, it created a job opening for Bucs linebackers coach Joe Barry.

While it’s hardly a done deal that Bucs linebackers coach Joe Barry will be the next defensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee — far from a done deal — such a move would be very smart on Barry’s part.

The biggest hang-up is Barry’s contract with the Bucs. He has one year left. That’s also why a move to Knoxville would be very smart.

It’s quite possible Raheem the Dream is a lame duck coach. Unless the Bucs see significant improvement, it’s not a stretch to see Raheem the Dream let go after the 2010 season.

Ironically, Raheem the Dream’s contract expires next season as well.

If Raheem the Dream is not retained past the 2010 season, it’s difficult to believe any of his assistants will survive. So before the 2010 season begins, Barry is on somewhat thin ice; his future with the Bucs is very much up in the air.

Then there’s that nasty elephant in the room: the looming labor stoppage of the 2011 season. Even if Barry is retained, what kind of salary can he expect if there is no NFL season?

Consider if he leaves for Knoxville, Barry will likely have, at worst, a three-year contract. Additionally, coordinators at SEC schools pull in high six-figures a year.

Also, if Barry becomes the Volunteers defensive coordinator, the table is set for his career to skyrocket. Since former Vols coach Lane Kiffin, and his scorching hot wife Layla, and his intelligent old man Monte, left, not a lot of people are expecting much from Tennessee’s defense, partially because of all the turmoil and the loss of soon-to-be first round draft pick safety Eric Berry.

If Barry can turn the Vols defense into an orange brick wall, Barry will be a desirable head coaching candidate.

Consider some of the offensive and defensive coordinators from successful SEC programs in recent years and how their careers took off:

* Former LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher and defensive coordinator Bo Pellini are now head coaches at Florida State and Nebraska, respectively.

* Former Auburn defensive coordinators Will Muschamp and Gene Chizik are now the head coach-in-waiting at Texas and head coach at Auburn, respectively.

* Former Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen and defensive coordinator Charlie Strong are head coaches at Mississippi State and Louisville, respectively.

So if Barry proves his worth at Tennessee, he very likely could see himself as a head coach at a major university making seven-figures a year and running his own program, without worrying about an owner’s dalliance with a foreign kickball team.

Just about any way you look at it, if Barry can get out of the final year of his contract, he’d be stupid to pass up the chance to revive his career and reduce his stint as the defensive coordinator for the winless, toothless Lions a mere typo on his resume.

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  1. Rosemary Larkins Says:

    I tried to print the first page here about Joe Barry and all I get was 6 pages of ads on the side and 1 page of tiny print. Why is that?? I don’tappreciate that. These pages use up the cartridge!

    I hope TN will do great inspite of Lane Kiffin & bunch leaving, and with the new coaches.