Jermaine Phillips Arrested For Domestic Battery

January 10th, 2010

jermaine phillipsBucs strong safety Jermaine Phillips remains in a Hillsborough County jail as of 7:36 p.m. Sunday after being arrested for strangling someone.

Phillips was arrested at 4:50 a.m. today for “Domestic Battery by Strangulation” per the website of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office. He is being held without bail, which is common in domestic battery cases.

County records list Phillips as the owner of the four-bedroom Westchase house where he was arrested. 

For those who like the ins and outs of the law, here’s how the crime is defined in Florida. It’s a third-degree felony.

(2)(a)  A person commits domestic battery by strangulation if the person knowingly and intentionally, against the will of another, impedes the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of a family or household member or of a person with whom he or she is in a dating relationship, so as to create a risk of or cause great bodily harm by applying pressure on the throat or neck of the other person or by blocking the nose or mouth of the other person.

In other words, “strangulation” can be defined in this case as covering someone’s mouth with a hand, or covering someone’s face with a pillow (not just squeezing a throat).

It’s likely Phillips will bond out of jail in the morning. … Joe suspects the police would have been quick to slap an attempted murder charge on Phillips if it were remotely appropriate.

20 Responses to “Jermaine Phillips Arrested For Domestic Battery”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Joe do you know if he was booked into the Aqib Talib suite?

    I heard Phillips was guilty of strangling a pharmacist at CVS – the reason, she wouldn’t fill Phillips prescription for Boniva and he went into a roid rage!

  2. JDouble Says:

    Oh well. Never been a fan. He is slow, injury prone, old, and now he’s a idiot criminal. Here’s to a 2010 with two brand new Strong Safeties!

  3. Louie Says:

    Cut him.

  4. aldo Says:

    a new reason to think about eric berry??? destiny is talkin!!

  5. BucForce Says:

    I guess his forearms healed up real good…cold weather makes some Floridians crazy

  6. Jeff Says:

    He likely wasn’t going to be back anyway..consider him cut.

  7. BucForce Says:

    Bond out of jail in the morning? Why, can’t he come up with the money now to get out during the day on Sunday? I’d rather stay at a fleabag hotel than spend a night with Bubba out at the Orient Road jail.

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    BucForce, on domestic battery, you’ve got to see the judge. The judge don’t work on Sunday.

  9. JD Says:

    Dungy would have cut him by dawn’s break

  10. nick Says:

    Well, we’re off to a good offseason

  11. BigBuc Says:

    Maybe he was interviewing for the new USF HC gig and was trying to hard to look qualified….

  12. Matthew Says:

    It’s sucks watching playoff football. Knowing that the Bucs I love won’t be there for a long time.

  13. Joe Says:


    Maybe he was interviewing for the new USF HC gig and was trying to hard to look qualified


  14. BucsSuck Says:

    Well not a surprise as this is a team without any repurcusions. Morris has no respect of anyone. Its pretty obvious no one wants him gone that is acting inappropriately or is playing the last 2 games just to save his job.

    Mossis needs to go.

  15. Paul Says:

    He’ll be back next year. That’s Raheem’s home dog.

  16. notsosmart Says:

    Talib will teach him everything he needs to know to get out of the problem.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    I’m surprised dude didn’t break any of his own bones while trying to choke her!

  18. jlynch1340 Says:

    Role model for the Bucs defense CHOKER

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    They are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Flip said it was just rough sex and that’s how she likes it. C’mon man.

  20. JW Says:

    Let’s look at this more positively, the roster is helping to refine itself. If he gets at least the mandatory 4 game suspension, we can let him go and bring someone in the is eligible to play all 16 games.