Freeman Needs A Veteran To Lean On

January 6th, 2010

Joe thinks it’s a no-brainer for the Bucs to sign a veteran backup quarterback who is eager to embrace a role as Josh Freeman’s mentor.

Freeman’s known as a humble kid eager to soak up knowledge and experience. So the Bucs should put someone who really has some in their quarterbacks room.

Josh Johnson has nothing teach Freeman anymore. And undrafted third-string rookie Rudy Carpenter hasn’t played a down.

With Greg Olson undoubtedly spread thin by his dual role of offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Freeman is getting shorted.

Joe would love to see the Bucs go after Chad Pennington. Turning 34 this year and fresh off another shoulder surgery, Pennington no doubt will settle into a backup role for minimal pay.

Regardless of whether Pennington can throw the ball well — some say he never could — he’s the kind of heady, good-guy veteran that could make Freeman better.

7 Responses to “Freeman Needs A Veteran To Lean On”

  1. justin Says:

    i think he would be a good pickup for us,, Joe have you heard anything about what adam schftler is reporting that he spoke with a high member of the bucs close to the glazers and they say we are not and have not and will not be going after cowher

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe what I would LOVE to see is the Bucs getting a dedicated QB coach to work with Freeman. He has LOTS of potential but there are several things I would like to see:

    1. Work on having Josh toss the flare to the RB – watch the tapes of the Sugar Bowl what Tebow did against Cincy. Those are the perfect tosses to get Caddy/Ward/Graham outside the tackles.

    2. Get a QB coach to help Josh work on his progressions/check downs

    3. Limit the number of options to “simplify it for the kid”

  3. Jesse Says:

    I would love to see us sign Charlie Weiss as our offensive coordinator. Not only for play calling but the devopment of Freeman. If Weiss is consistent in anything its QB development. You have to have dreams, I guess.

  4. Skye Says:

    Don’t think there’s a better fit then Pennington. Maybe that high completion percentage can rub off

  5. FlBoy84 Says:

    We do have Leftwich on the roster, who has supposedly mentored Josh on the struggles he went through as a young QB. Like Pennington, you really hope his game action is limited, but he does have the experience factor.

    I agree a good QB coach is a priority, as well as an innovative OC. I remember an article I read by Jeff Carlson back on Dec. 26th, where he said Freeman “is like an amateur golfer right now. He is somewhat erratic off the tee and in the rough. But he occasionally hits the ball so perfectly that even though you are frustrated most of the round, it is just enough to get excited about coming back to the course one more time.”, which I thought was a fantastic analogy.

    He also stated “I did some stop-action analysis on the Seahawks game, both the warm-up throws that John Lynch said he had never seen a QB throw so much before the game and also in-game throws. I was surprised at how side-armed and off-balance Freeman was in his warm-up throws and misaligned on his in-game throws.” He went on to question whether Josh has the coaching to improve the technical fundamentals of his stroke, which he surmised “I don’t think there is anyone around One Buc to tighten up his mechanics (which is just like most other NFL teams).”

    I was under the impression that part of a QB coaches job was to work with their QB’s on mechanics issues, if needed. I most definitely could be wrong, but that was my impression. I would think it would be a priority to get someone in to work with Freeman this off-season, as his accuracy and mechanics could obviously use a little tweaking. I assume this is part of what Morris was referring to about “making sure everything works around number 5″.

  6. oneSBwin n franchisehistory Says:


  7. Jonny Says:

    How about a QB coach for starters? Also as veteran backup, I think Pennington will be great, Pennington is one of the most accurate QBs and Freeman needs some work there. In case Bucs cannot grab Pennington, how about JEFF GARCIA. I doubt Garcia would come in thinking he would be a starter, he should pretty much know he is done. Garcia is friends with Olson and again an accurate QB good in reading defenses.