Cowher Deal May Not Be Dead

January 5th, 2010

Joe’s friend Jason LaCanfora, the insider, is reporting the Glazers were working on a specific deal for Bill Cowher to coach the Bucs and that if the Glazers’ offer to Cowher improves “things could get interesting.”

Yes, Joe was the first media outlet to publicly doubt Raheem’s job security early this morning.

Now LaCanfora has upped the ante on

Tampa Bay, however, has been unwilling to pay above the $5 million-to-$6 million range for Cowher, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. There also are concerns about how much the team would be able to spend on players. That has blocked a deal to this point; should some of those parameters change, things could get interesting.

Cowher also has received contact from the Bills — one report from Western New York says the coach will meet with team officials today — but some close to him would be surprised if he went there. However, Cowher to the Bills shouldn’t be ruled out if team owner Ralph Wilson makes an offer in the upper-echelon of coaching contracts.

Tampa Bay, Chicago, Houston and Carolina were the four teams Cowher was targeting should there be openings, but none of those jobs are vacant and most likely will not be. While there is some uncertainty about the labor situation in 2011, the market could end up being more conducive to Cowher’s desires, with Chicago and Houston again with coaches entering the season under scrutiny, for instance.

Regardless, recent reports that Cowher had cooled his interest in coaching in 2010 are untrue, as he has been actively working on assembling a staff, weighing all options and receiving calls from teams.

As Joe wrote earlier, the supposed statement of support issued by Joel Glazer last night doesn’t say the Glazers are committed to Raheem The Dream, only the plan that began 12 months ago with him at the helm.

27 Responses to “Cowher Deal May Not Be Dead”

  1. sensiblefan Says:

    Ooooo boy…

  2. justin Says:

    lets pray the glazers are reading the local media and decide they have to change now

  3. Jeff Says:

    Won’t happen. Although you’re right about their comment, it would piss off more fans with deception. The Glazers are better off waiting to see what they have in Raheem. Let us not forget Tom wasn’t a household name at the beginning either…that would be Tom Landry.

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Mr. Lucky finally came out of his room after WAY too many Caybrews – talk about a nice dieuretic purge! – only to read this.

    Could it be true?

    Joe Mr. Lucky doesn’t like it when you toy with these big decisions. It was bad enough to read about the extension of Raheem’s contract but to dangle “the chin” in front of our noses – Joe can’t be THAT cruel can he?

  5. nick Says:

    Let it go, Joe

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Jeff – I KNOW you’re not comparing Raheem with Tom Landry!

    Hey Glazers don’t listen to Jeff – he was only kidding. No one will remember you itsy bitsy 1 line sentence. In fact with all the celebration and dancing in the streets – once you hire Cowher – all will be forgotten.

    Loves and Kisses …….

  7. Jake Says:

    The Glazers are such high character businessman that they would never use Raheem as a pawn….yeah right. Come on Glazers we want the Chin!!

  8. zech Says:

    I agree dump raheem and hire the chin maybe we might have a wining season after all!

  9. Louie Says:

    Typical Glazers! They won’t spend the money. They won’t spend for a coach and “There also are concerns about how much the team would be able to spend on players”. No DUH! That’s the whole effing point!

    Morris’ salary is cheap and he’s not in a position to demand the owners spend money on players.

    What more proof do you need that these owners are CHEAP!!!???

  10. zech Says:

    I went on it was reorting cowher to have face to face meeting with the bills today! And he’s supposed to make a decision by the end of the week!

  11. zech Says:

    Reporting cowher !

  12. Pruritis Ani Says:

    There is hope! This is the happiest I ve been since before the Senior Bowl Annoucement.

  13. zech Says:

    I’m still not gonna get my hopes up of raheem bein fired.I rather see the chin coach the senior bowl then raheem and olson!

  14. Justin Says:

    Hey, little justin, you were celebrating Raheem being retained yesterday. What’s up now?

  15. JW Says:

    While this article is pure speculation and a pipe dream, it is totally in the Glazer’s playbook to operate this way. They went after The Tuna while people thought they we sticking with Dungy. The fired Gruden with a phone call while he was a dinner.

    They know how to play the game just like the player’s and coach’s agents do. Cowher says he can just take his toys and play on a different playground so they come out and say they like their direction. After both sides wave their swords, the Glazers make an offer.

    Again, I’m not saying there’s any meat to this story. But it fits their MO to a “T”.

  16. Eric Says:

    Unfortunately, wishful thinking is running wild. It would be inexplicable, however, if the bucs have foregone a legitimate opportunity to land the chin. Even at six million, plus Raheems salary they would have to pay, it doesnt take many season ticket holders to pay for that and also line the Glazer’s pockets.

    Contrary to Mr. Duemig’s remarks, there is no comparison between Raheem Morris and Bill Cowher in terms of credentials. Insanity would be choosing Raheem over Cowher.
    BTW, the bucs were blown out seven times this year, not two. The dream should know this, he was there…………..sort of.

  17. jason Says:

    Lets just give it up! Cower is not coming here. We as Buc fans should know that already. Dont care what blah blah blah is reporting on ESPN or Profootballtalk we have cheap owners and they WILL NOT pay cower what he wants. So lets just face the facts that we are stuck with radio and hope for the best, and hope these clowns dont screw up our draft (Adams,Pissatelli,Jackson,and so on). If Dennis Hickey and the rest of our scouts screw the draft up be ready for alot of 3-13 seasons to come!

  18. JDouble Says:

    This is garbage. Pure rumor with no basis. The Glazers gave thier vote of confidence in Rheem. He is our coach. Cowher is not coming here. Let it go already.

  19. zech Says:

    I still think if cowher agrees to less money he will be the bucs headcoach cuz I really don’t buy there confidence in raheem and besides they didn’t say there confident in raheem morris just his plain!

  20. jason Says:

    I am just sick of all this consant talk about players and coaches. This one going here that one going there. I really think half of these people on ESPN, Pewter Report, and so on just throw stuff out there and they really have no clue. This Cower thing reminds me of the Favre saga. Rememer that? He’s coming here he’s not. We didn’t get him and we are not getting Cower! Face the facts we are stuck with Rah. Hope for the best and root for the bucs period. I watched every single play this year at 3-13, and will watch every single one next year even if we are 1-15.

  21. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Right on Jason. Go Bucs!

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    A wise man keeps all of his options open until the last minute or when the right opportunity comes along. Will Raheem be the Head Coach? or will he be Cowher’s Defensive Coordinator? I think Raheem is included in any deal to bring Cowher in, and that would qualify as still being committed to Raheem and to the REVISED plan. I honestly think the Bucs will be fine either way, because they are going to have Fantastic draft. It’s all about the players. You can’t have too many good ones and of the 10 possibly more picks this year, I bet they will get at least 7 that make the team and 5 starters or regular players. It is exciting. I just wish the draft was the week after Superbowl. Right now, I’m picking the Cowgirls for the NFC and the Pats for AFC, with the Cowgirls winning the big prize and Tony Romo finding redemption.

  23. Vince Says:

    Reported by Schefter that teams say story “categorically false.” Oh no Joe, say it ain’t so!

  24. JD Says:

    I’ll also add, they not only have Raheem’s salary, but Grudens. Yes, they are still paying a king’s ransom to Gruden for NOT coaching. Only Dan Schneider is fiscally irresponsible enough to pay more than on person at a time not to coach his team.

  25. Jackson Says:

    Your “friend” LaBullshitera is playing you like a cheap banjo, YEEHOWWWWWWW!

  26. Matthew Says:

    How about this… Keep Morris as the HC and spend the 5 to 6 million on a player or two.

  27. mike Says:

    im all for it matt lets do this eric berry he already knows the whole bucs defense