Earnest Graham Forgot About Leftwich

January 22nd, 2010

It sure seemed like Earnest Graham forgot Byron Leftwich was on the Bucs roster an interview on 1010 AM on Tuesday.

A caller asked Graham whether if he were the Bucs general manager, would he go out this offseason and get a veteran quarterback in free agency to tutor Josh Freeman. Graham quickly agreed.

“I definitely think that would be wise, man. I definitely think at some point, you need somebody who’s definitely played the game. Played the game recently. You know, to lean on, to teach you how to prepare for the games,” Graham said. “You know, there was nothing like coming back to the sidelines and having a guy like Mike Alstott, Michael Pittman, Charlie Garner, guys that have played the game and have played the game at a high level. You rely on their information. When they talk to you, you take it a different way as opposed to a coach.

“So I definitely think that would be great for Josh if we could definitely get someone here. One, to coach him up. Second, to have a veteran guy to lean on in case something happens.”

Uh, what about Leftwich?

Graham and host J.P. Peterson talked about another topic before Peterson asked about bringing back Leftwich for next season.

At that point Graham remembered Leftwich was on the roster.

“I think it was a big plus to have Byron,” Graham said. “When he was placed on injured reserve, he was still around the building all the time and definitely held a lot of weight with Josh, with both Joshs. So he was a guy who was great to have around because of his knowledge of the game. He’s definitely a guy in his [playbook], and definitely knows the ins and out there on the football field. …Of course, having Byron would still be big, retaining Byron.”

Joe’s still wishing for Chad Pennington.

Thanks to Big Papi at 1010AM for getting Joe the audio to review.

5 Responses to “Earnest Graham Forgot About Leftwich”

  1. OAR Says:

    It’s ok Graham, I forgot he was on our team since they signed him! On purpose of course!

  2. Pete Says:

    Jeeez I too had forgotten Leftwich was on the roster until I read this article. Darn it Joe stop it!

    The next article about Leftwich needs to be about his trade or release and nothing else.

  3. D-money Says:

    Leftwich is the new Brian Griese.

  4. SD Scott Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Just wondering what you think will happen to Josh Johnson going forward….Traded? Kept on as a 3rd string if the Bucs bring in a decent veteran?

  5. Joe Says:

    SD Scott:

    Just wondering what you think will happen to Josh Johnson

    Career backup and future quarterback coach/offensive coordinator at either UCLA or Stanford.