Doug Williams Wasn’t Fired

January 1st, 2010

With all the ugly, anti-Doug Williams smoke blown by, the outfit best known for its defunct print magazine and pay-per-view articles, Joe was especially intrigued to hear the latest from One Buc Palace.

The Bucs have resigned Williams, their Director of Pro Personnel, to a new one-year contract for 2010. Williams had been interviewing for the head coaching job at Southern University — surely a long term opportunity. 

Web-only Pewter Report grand wizard Scott Reynolds absolutely roasted Williams via anonymous sources (and praised Mark Dominik) earlier this month. Reynolds went out of his way to say that agents across the NFL think Williams is a waste of space as a personnel guy.

So what does this all mean?

Some might say the Williams hire means one more year for the Raheem The Dream-Mark Dominik era.

Others might say it’s just the Glazers keeping a team icon around who has value for the franchise even if Bill Cowher comes to town to replace Raheem The Dream next week.

Perhaps Williams is being retained, in part, because of his strong relationship with Antonio Bryant, so the Bucs have a better chance of getting a deal done with the soon-to-be free agent.

Regardless, Joe is sure Williams can contribute positively. And Joe’s glad the Bucs, unlike Reynolds, don’t pay attention to the sleazy anonymous grumblings of agenda-driven sports agents.

7 Responses to “Doug Williams Wasn’t Fired”

  1. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I don’t think who the coach is/will be played a decision in the move. I think it is a good PR move by the team to keep him around. Culverhouse screwed him over in the 80’s and thankfully, Williams doesn’t bear a grudge against the team. If his influence is indeed positive for the current players it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.

  2. Louie Says:

    If Williams staying means AB has a better chance to return, the I’m all for it. I’m not sure exactly what Williams actually does, but if it’s player relations, he’s probably worth it.

  3. buckeyebob Says:

    AB needs to stay if HE wants to stay. If Williams wants to go then he should go. PR aside this team needs all hands on deck to move us forward in 2010. GM has to make the best move for this team, not to make media folks feel good or fans who want the best of both worlds fell good moves and wins.

  4. Dennis Says:

    I think PR (SR in particular) was mearly reporting what was told to them from agents / scouts and not NECESSARILY their opinion. Your scarcasm about Pewter REport only makes you look AMATEURISH. Fact is, Williams hasn’t really done anything that he can take credit for unless you consider recommending Josh Johnson to be drafted!

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Dennis – PR reported via anonymous player agents, who are world renowned for spreading BS and having agendas for clients and using the media, that Doug Williams was bad at his job. …We never wrote here that it was Reynolds’ opinion. Not once. He may think the exact opposite. …We only questioned Reynolds’ reporting after his first story about Williams’ for not asking Williams for a comment. It was poor journalism to not let the guy respond if you’re going to run with that kind of story that basically shouts loud and clear that Williams will be fired because he sucks. …And especially since Williams is very accessible and a very nice guy to talk to.

    Fact is nobody in the media knows what Williams can or can’t take credit for.

  6. GermanBuccaneer Says:

    Is it really professional to refer to the Head Coach as “Raheem The Dream”, all the time?
    That’s the kind of BS why I stopped following you on twitter, Joe.

    Pewter Report has got the best coverage of the Bucs and is worth way more than those ridiculous $10 a year.

  7. Joe Says:


    Danke für Ihren Besuch. Sehen Sie, Joe glaubt fest an Spaß mit seinen Schriften. Warum sollte Joe sein wollen, langweilig und trocken sein? Joe sicher nicht und er nicht bald anfangen.

    Außerdem hat unser Verkehr in der gesamten Saison erhöht und wir gerade unseren verkehrsreichsten Monate im Dezember.

    Joe hält es auch amüsant, dass Leute so erhalten, verbogen, denn wir sind nicht langweilig. Oh well. Different strokes für unterschiedliche Leute.

    Rede von Berufs-, bitte erläutern im Detail, wie eine “professionelle” verwendet ungenannten Quellen, dass eine Bucs Exekutive, wird entlassen und versucht, diese Geschichte zu begraben, als ob der Schriftsteller Angst ist, als ob der Autor versucht, zu saugen bis zu seinem alten Mitbewohner Wer ist nun der Bucs General Manager?

    Oh, ein weiteres Beispiel für die (mangelnde) Professionalität: Warum versuchen, die Tatsache, daß er der General Manager Mitbewohner in einem Punkt zu verbergen? Was war er schämt? Die meisten ethischen Reporter würde nicht nur diese Tatsache öffentlich sofort, sondern eine ethische Reporter würde sich jemals Umgang mit dem General Manager wieder als nur das Aussehen, die eine Geschichte sein kann schräg recuse in Frage stellt der Reporter die Glaubwürdigkeit.

    Wenn Sie möchten, Professionalität zwischen Joe und dass andere Outfit ihrer bunten Zeitschrift zu befreien, hat Joe wird den ganzen Tag reden darüber zu sprechen.

    Traurig, dass Sie verlassen die GermanBuccaneer aber Joe fühlt er bringt mehr Leistung für weniger auf unterhaltsame Weise. Ja, kann man sowohl unterhaltsam als auch informativ.