Bucs Confusing Defenses

January 2nd, 2010

Raheem The Dream was spoke like a confident coach with a team on the rise yesterday, so recorded the Bucs media folks.

More and more the head coach sounds like a guy who believes he and his team have gotten over the hump and figured out the keys to winning.

They’ve got a lot to show on Sunday. Can they go out their and improve yet again and defend the home turf?

Raheem The Dream believes the Bucs’ new pound-the-ball identity has taken the team to a new level, which, of course, begs the question, What the hell took so long?

“But now you’ve got the wheels turning over there on other people’s defense. They’re not sure what you’re going to do,” Raheem The Dream said. “You don’t become one-dimensional, you don’t put a lot on that kid’s shoulders or those wideouts. You just go out there and play your natural game plan and the defense steps up and they play better because of it and you get a win out of it.”

Joe surely hopes this all really means the Bucs stop throwing over the middle on first down.

2 Responses to “Bucs Confusing Defenses”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    “New pound the ball identity”? WTH does that mean?

    Your team gains an “identity” from a 9-play OT drive in their prior game?

    If those idiots has read JoeBucsfan.com over the course of the past season they would have come to the conclusion that Ward & Williams needed more touches back in the London Bowl

    Instead Olson has been asking Freeman to perform like a seasoned veteran and this has put the team in the toilet bowl.

  2. Paul Wiezorek Says:

    It is hard to “pound the ball” when your Jim Bates defense has put you in a huge hole in the first quarter. When you know you need to score 30 points to have a chance to win, you can’t “pound the ball.” Now that the D is playing like a top 10 D again, we can have a balanced offense.

    It also appears they have changed their offensive blocking schemes which is paying off. Watch some early games again and you will see the RBs getting met at the line of scrimmage, or in the backfield. Watch the last two games and you will see our backs getting past the line without getting touched sometimes.

    I don’t think it is as simple as the backs getting more touches, as the impact for success. With Freeman as QB, it looks like defenses are not able to stack the line as much as they did earlier in the year.