Bryant Part Of 2010 Ticket Promotion

January 12th, 2010

Sometimes what you see on doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot.

Sometimes it does.

A video promoting 2010 ticket sales is now front and center on the Bucs ticket sales page. It’s got fresh 2009 footage, and on the right side of the on-page video screen is a fancy picture of Josh Freeman. On the left side is Antonio Bryant.

Yes, Antonio Brant.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that Bryant is also shown five times in the highlight-style video — more than any Bucs player (No sign of Michael Clayton).

What it all means? Joe will leave that up to his readers to interpret.

But Joe is of the mind that Bryant is very much on the Bucs’ radar for 2010, despite the apparent loss of his favorite Buccaneer, wide receivers coach, Richard Mann.

18 Responses to “Bryant Part Of 2010 Ticket Promotion”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I hope so, but could it be bait and switch?

  2. Eric S Says:

    I just don’t think the Bucs can afford to lose him. What would they have left? Clayton, Sammie, Stovall? Yuck. I could see the Bengals, Titans or Phins really going after him. The Bucs should be careful.

  3. thedeej3000 Says:

    bait and switch… they won’t pay him… they gave all their money to Clayton.

  4. JDouble Says:

    How could Clayton be in the highlight video when he didn’t have any highlights?

  5. Ray Ehnle Says:

    I favor trading Clayton and Bryant both off for draft picks. Bryant has an attitude and injury problem and Clayton is in the tank with the check in the bank. Also clean house in the recruiting department. Set some criteria on the character side of recruits. Being a great player does not mean he will be an asset to the team. Getting the big dollars and not producing has a negative impact on the team. Go get Suh and Cody both. Put Suh next to Roy Miller. Let Cody make a king size hole for our backs to run through. When your butt is on the line, go for it.

  6. Jeff Says:

    JDouble, that was his point.
    Yes, Eric S, they have to sign to (if nothing else) an incentive deal. Produce and get paid. Joe, see to it Mark knows this.

  7. Jeff Says:

    oops. **sign AB**

  8. Eric S Says:

    Yeah I don’t think he will get 9 or 10 mil like he got this season. An incentive laden contract might be prudent. But I do feel they may have to offer him a multi-year contract. I don’t think a 1 year deal will get it done.

  9. JDouble Says:

    The only thing funnier than the folks that think we shouldn’t keep Bryant, are the folks that think we can trade Clayton. With his current contract we couldn’t trade him for a roll of toilet paper.

  10. Joe Says:


    Even if Clayton was being paid league minimum, who the hell would trade for him? There’s not that big of a market for a No. 4 receiver who can’t catch — oh, but he can block!

  11. Gary Says:

    @JDouble very well said!

    We’ll have to cut Clayton, unless we can swindle the Raiders to believe he’s a good receiver and get something in a trade. I mean they did draft Heyward-Bey….lol Just saying;)

  12. Tommy Says:

    Don’t be surpised if we keep Clayton and let AB walk. I mean can we put this type of idiotic move past this current regime and owners? I have a feeling that the Bucs are going to draft a WR with the first pick and not a stud defensive player. After all, Rah did say #5 is his top priority this offseason. I’m sure Dominik thinks the same way. A new toy like Dez Bryant could go a long way on helping Freeman. I just hope the needs of this team get met one way or another this offseason.

  13. JDouble Says:


    Exactly my point. No team in thier right mind would take Clayton for free, much less in a trade where they give something up and take over his 5 year $25 million contract. He will have to be cut.

    With the uncapped year ahead, the rules change abit and teams don’t get a cap penalty for cutting players. I originally thought this was why Clayton got a big contract. I assumed it was just to boost his confidence and see if he produced, but if not, they could cut his ass and not pay him shit. Then I found out his contract had $10 million garanteed……idiots.

  14. JDouble Says:

    Lol…I called someone an idiot directly after mispelling the word guarantee.

    Irony. :p

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lane Kiffin & Monte Kiffin to coach at USC??? Wow!

  16. alan thomas Says:

    unbelievable bigmac. alan is so sad to see the great monte touring the country with his jackass of a son. That man should have coached his last days in tampa. alan is sad he and his wife concieved lane.

  17. JDouble Says:

    Wow Alan. What an unecessary and mean thing to say. You are an evil douche bag.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m sure Steve White won’t be happy about this move. Lane really stuck it to the Vols. He better get out of town quickly and quietly. Still, USC, what a great job. Lane never would have got the offer if Monte wasn’t with him.