Arguably Worst Bucs Coach Has Retired

January 19th, 2010

For roughly 15 years, few professional franchises were as putrid as the Bucs. From the early 1980s through the mid-1990s, the Bucs bravely lived up to their awful reputation.

Perhaps the worst coach of those dark days was the notorious Richard Williamson, whose qualifications for coaching seemed to be that he once played for Bear Bryant at Alabama.

For some reason, then-owner Hugh Culverhouse thought anyone who played for Bryant would make a great coach.

Williamson was walking proof of the fallacy of that belief.

Williamson, a receivers coach for the Panthers, recently announced his retirement. Some copy editor at had a bit of sinister fun with Vacation Man’s story on Williamson’s retirement claiming he was a coaching “icon.”

Williamson was very good at what he did. He joined the Panthers in 1994, a year before they started play, and he was widely considered one of the best receivers coaches around. He deserves a lot of credit for helping Steve Smith develop from a guy who was supposed to be nothing more than a kick returner into one of the league’s top receivers.

Williamson also guided Muhsin Muhammad, Patrick Jeffers, Raghib Ismail and Mark Carrier to at least one 1,000-yard receiving season each. More than that, Richardson was a rock on the coaching staffs of Dom Capers, George Seifert and John Fox.

He stepped in as offensive coordinator when Bill Musgrave abruptly walked away during the Seifert years and didn’t complain a bit when he went back to coaching receivers.

Vacation Man refers to Williamson as “classy.” He may have been, but he was also a highly s(p)itty head coach!

3 Responses to “Arguably Worst Bucs Coach Has Retired”

  1. Louie Says:

    Pending how Morris does next season, Leeman Bennett is currently the worst Bucs head coach. Back-to-back 2-14 seasons.


    Hey I remember that it was the players that went to Jugh Culverhouse and told him to make Williamson the coach after Lemon was squeezed. Blame the playas not the game…………

  3. alan thomas Says:

    williamson was the best position coach we had at the time when he was promoted to head coach. as good as he was as a wr coach he just couldn’t make the transition. some guys are just not meant to be a headcoach. alan can think of another guy that fits this profile.