Why Re-Up Williams If Cowher Is Coming?

December 30th, 2009

This will come as a bucket of cold water thrown in the face at 5 a.m. to those willing to give a quart of blood, their first born and their mortgage for Bill Cowher to take over the Bucs:

If Bill Cowher is truly on his way, then why offer to re-up Doug Williams’ contract?

Per the Mad Twitterer of the St. Petersburg Times, the Bucs have offered to extend the contract of Bucs pro personnel director Doug Williams for another year (his current contract expires in February).

Williams isn’t expected to make a decision until next week, at the earliest, when he will speak with Southern University officials again.

Credit the Glazer family and general manager Mark Dominik for recognizing Williams’ overall value to the franchise, which goes well beyond his duties as the chief pro talent evaluator. His experience as a player is extremely valuable as a mentor to quarterbacks Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson. He also has had a close relationship with other players, such as receiver Antonio Bryant.

Coaching college football or remaining as an executive with an NFL team are two different career paths, so Williams will have to determine what’s best for him and his family. In some ways, coaching would offer more security.

If the Bucs are truly after Cowher, who wants to run the football operations, hand-picking his own lieutenants, then why sign Willliams to an extension when he may be gone in a few days?

This doesn’t add up for Joe.

6 Responses to “Why Re-Up Williams If Cowher Is Coming?”

  1. Louie Says:

    So, they’re going to pay Williams to be a “buddy” to Freeman, Johnson and Bryant (who everyone is saying will be gone after this season)? I sure hope Williams has much more to offer the team. This is starting to sound like reparations for how Culverhouse treated Williams years ago.

  2. Tye Says:

    They also resigned Michael Clayton for a big money contract. How well did that work out?! (just saying!)

  3. buckeyebob Says:

    Let him go !!! If he does not want to be her get the hell of the ship.

  4. Tristan Says:

    Like I’ve said previously, I like Doug Williams. I have tremendous respect for the man as a former Buccaneer and Super Bowl winner. But I just don’t see where he’s been all that successful in his current role with the team. Either the Glazers are seeing something that I’m not or they know something that I don’t. But this contract extension kinda floors me.

  5. Travis Says:

    Love the site Joe. Did you see espn.com referenced your site: http://m.espn.go.com/nfl/rumors?rumorId=3730

  6. Travis Says:

    Just if they would of put a .com at the end you could of got even more visitors 🙂