Whither Derrick Ward?

December 25th, 2009

When the Bucs acquired running back Derrick Ward in the offseason, he was supposed to be a prized acquisition, part of the now infamous 2-2-1 running back rotation.

We all know how far that went.

Ward has been seldom used by Raheem the Dream and his offensive assistants. But per a story from Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, that may change Sunday at New Orleans.

“I’m sure he wants the ball more, but he’s not a complainer,” Morris said of Ward, who has gained 377 yards this year. “He just wants to be better. I mean, he’s been great around the building.”

Ward didn’t have much to complain about after last week’s game. The Bucs handed the ball to him a season-high 19 times and threw to him once for what proved to be a 6-yard touchdown during their 24-7 win at Seattle.

The Bucs’ plan is for Ward to get a similar dose of work this week against the Saints. And while Ward probably won’t start the game, his first touches could come a lot sooner than in the past.

Cummings also points out in the article that one reason Raheem the Dream is going to force feed the ball to Ward the next couple of weeks is to see if the Bucs will need to draft any running backs come April.

Joe just thinks Ward is a victim of the Bucs being blown out so much that they had to go to the pass, and the overall subpar play of the offensive line.

4 Responses to “Whither Derrick Ward?”

  1. Justin Says:

    Correction: Ward is a victim of his coaches’ outstanding stupidity.

    “He just wants to be better. I mean, he’s been great around the building.”

    Seriously? He’s been great around the building? Raheem… my goodness.

    I hope Santa brought you better communication skills, Rah.

  2. jvato24 Says:


    Ward Questionable for Saints game.

  3. Joe Says:

    Yeah, so much for getting him the ball more, huh javato24?

  4. twodog Says:

    If we win running the ball, then why do all the experts say we must pass when behind? Never did understand the logic. A good mix of pass plays and running plays makes the most sense to me. Ironically the people who seem to make the least sense is Morris and Olsen. Pure babble at times. Can’t get over the pure stupidity of having the Leftwich & McCowan contest. Some of the great players that the Bucs have passed on in the draft is also hard to comprehend. Having your best people on the bench is a little difficult to follow also.