When Will Raheem Start Handing Out Cash?

December 29th, 2009

Like the Bucs, the Kansas City Chiefs are having a miserable season.

Like the Bucs, the Chiefs decided to jettison their offensive coordinator prior to the season.

Like the Bucs, the Chiefs really have never recovered from that.

Like the Bucs, Chiefs fans are starting to stay away from Arrowhead Stadium where just a few short months ago, empty seats at a Chiefs game was unthinkable.

So the Chiefs, or possibly Chiefs head coach Todd Haley himself, have taken to an extraordinary measure to build up goodwill among the fans.

They are handing out cash on the streets, so reports KCTV-TV in Kansas City (via ProFootballTalk.com).

“He’s got a little soft heart on the inside,” gift recipient Brian Mondaine said.

Its not the way many in Kansas City are used to hearing Haley described, but early Saturday morning as Mondaine was waiting for the bus at Blue Parkway and Hardesty Street, Haley made a surprising stop, one Mondaine still can’t believe.

“He handed me a stack of 20s said merry Christmas,” Mondaine said.

Now this would be a way to get people to shut up about Bill Cowher: Pass out $20 bills to no one in particular to people meandering on Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa or perhaps Fourth Street in St. Petersburg.

The only issue Joe would have with such a goodwill gesture by the Bucs is that the team tips off Joe where and when they will give the money away.

3 Responses to “When Will Raheem Start Handing Out Cash?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    You’ll only see that at the Mons or the space ship across the street – if you catch my drift.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe didn’t you hear?

    Raheem TRIED doing that earlier this year!

    Morris left One Buc Place and saw someone standing on the street and felt sorry for them. As he reached into his wallet to give the poor person some holiday cash Anthony Bryant came rushing up to Raheem.

    “Rah what are you doing,” Bryant asked.

    “I’m going to help out this unfortunate individual AB. I’m showing some Christmas spirit if you don’t mind.”

    Just then AB snatched the $ from Rah’s hand reminding coach Morris, “If you’re not gonna have Josh toss me the ball then toss me the cash boss. Didn’t you listen to me in September? I’ve got a big family to feed and $9.7 million just doesn’t go as far today as it did a few years ago.”

    After AB left, Rah’s money in hand, Morris kept looking over his shoulder as rumor had it that Donald Penn and Barrett Ruud were suddenly stalking their HC looking for Christmas cash as well… 😉

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Could you please make those $100’s instead of $20’s? Same size, weight, feel, color….