Vacation Man Is Dropping Bombs

December 12th, 2009
Vacation Man of believes Antonio Bryants days with the Bucs are numbered.

Vacation Man of believes Antonio Bryant's days with the Bucs are numbered.

In a recent NFC South chat, former Bucs beat writer and current Tampa resident Vacation Man of dropped a couple of bombs that will sure to get Bucs fans talking.

Vacation Man is of the belief there will be some shakeups with the Bucs in the offseason, and Raheem the Dream will not be among the changes.

In short, don’t be shocked if offensive coordinator Greg Olson is either demoted or canned, and rookie quarterback Josh Freeman will be throwing to another No. 1 receiver.

JP (Inverness, FL)
Pat will the bucs have a new head coach, OC, or both next year?

Vacation Man 
At this point, I’m thinking Morris stays. But good chance there’s movement at OC.

Then, Vacation Man has this about Bucs receiver Antonio Bryant.

ac (orlando, fl)
Do you think Antonio Bryant will stay or leave Tampa Bay?

Vacation Man 
Gone, not necessarily by his choice.

Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune has noted on more than one occasion that Olson was never interviewed for the offensive coordinator position so why should anyone expect that Olson would have any job security?

That written, Joe would like to see him remain as a quarterback coach because there is certainly a bond between Olson and Freeman.

6 Responses to “Vacation Man Is Dropping Bombs”

  1. Louie Says:

    Wasn’t Olsen just given a new contract a few weeks ago? If so, it doesn’t sound like they are planning to dump him.

    Also, I don’t see how they can keep Morris if he doesn’t win more games. Maybe Dominik survives if he can deflect enough blame on Morris, but the Glazers have to do something to get people back in the stadium. The blackouts Jacksonville has been seeing this year will be common place in Tampa if the Glazer keep the status-quo.

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    I’ve read a lot of articles that mention Bryant not returning due to his price tag and the fact that the FO doesn’t like his mouth? I can agree that his price is a bit high, but to boot a guy because he openly asks for the ball, and when he gets it, he makes the catch most of the time? (Some are really outstanding).

    Really? So, to be a member of the Bucs, you’re supposed to sit in the corner and only speak when you’re spoken to and you have to eat all your veggies before you leave the locker room? WOW, this management group is beyond lost.

  3. Michael Weber Says:

    RE: Bond between Freeman and Olsen

    Are you talking about the bond where the QB regresses to throwing INT’s in the endzone because he won’t look off receivers? Or are you talking about the bond where Olsen calls a play for a guy (Graham) who isn’t even in the game. Dude’s garbage and he needs to go. His playbook is like Chucky’s without an ounce of creativity. I think Jags was on to something when he only drew up 15 plays for this team.

  4. Giantfoamhat Says:

    I’d be happy to have Olson stay as QB coach. Bryant is too pricey for his age in my opinion.

    We need some young talent at wide receiver that can be the big play guy. We already have our security blanket in K2 and Sammie is developing into a nice Mr. 3rd down.

  5. Eric S Says:

    I would possibly leave Olsen at QB coach. Here is the info about Olson’s contract- I didn’t want to have to explain it.

    I would think about going after Charlie Weis for OC. Why not? He has shown to have a great offensive mind. Just not a great head coaching mind.

    I would bring Bryant back if he accepts a pay cut. No chance he gets the same contract as this year. He’s been injured too much and been too inconsistent.

    Right now it is looking like we will get the #2 pick. We do have the current SOS lead over the Rams at the moment. But that changes dramatically after the final 4 games are played. We have a 3 game lead currently, but it changes to 3 games behind after the conclusion. We need the NFC South to start losing and the NFC West to win some games. Or simply we need the Rams to win 1 or 2 games. But the Bucs actually have a decent shot of winning 3 of these last 4 games.

    I still don’t get the Vacation Man moniker. Is it because he’s a blogger? That can’t be it because you are a blogger.

  6. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    The Glazers bought the team turned it around won a superbowl then ran the team back into the ground it’s time for new owners