Upset Alert

December 26th, 2009
Will Stylez G. White be able to disrupt Drew Brees Sunday?

Will Stylez G. White be able to disrupt Drew Brees Sunday?

Few Bucs fans give the Pewter Pirates much of a chance to win Sunday in the Superdome. For good reason: The Saints are coming off an upset loss and the Bucs are not in the same stratosphere as the Saints.

But Jason Feller of is of the belief that the Bucs can beat the Saints.

On paper, this game is a complete mismatch. The Bucs were blown out at home by the Saints, 38-7, in their first meeting earlier this season, and have less accomplished players at nearly every position. In such situations, the heavy underdog typically needs some breaks and a reason to believe. Well, the Bucs figure to have no shortage of belief. They have had some success in the state of Louisiana. They are 5-3 in their last eight road games against the Saints, and all three losses came by four points or less. They will believe they can pull off this upset. Tampa Bay is also coming off its first road win — an impressive victory at Seattle — which is a tough place to play. The Bucs will enter this matchup with more momentum than they’ve had all season.

New Orleans was on a magical ride this season, but that ended last week at home against Dallas. The Saints were outplayed in every facet of the game and suffered a 24-17 loss, their first of the year. While they are clearly an outstanding team, as their 13-1 record attests, they have benefitted from several breaks. While they deserve credit for leading the league in takeaways, there is also an element of chance involved. For example, the Saints have recovered 13 of the 14 fumbles they have forced — an incredible percentage. If those bounces start going against the Saints, then Tampa Bay just may shock its NFC South rival with a second consecutive loss.

Joe isn’t as convinced as Feller the Bucs will beat the Saints. Of course, Joe hopes the Bucs win, but Santa Claus came yesterday.

5 Responses to “Upset Alert”

  1. Louie Says:

    And what do you bet Sean Payton will post all these “upset alert” articles on each players locker? Sounds like a bunch of bulletin board material to me.

    I hope the Bucs win, and if they do, it will be the biggest upset of the season. Morris will be bullet-proof if that happens. However, I’m not going to hold my breath.

  2. D-Rome Says:

    I want some of what Jason Feller is drinking. I wonder if it’s Caybrew…

  3. robertkeesler Says:

    Bucs 0- Saints- 35

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Urban Meyer??? What’s up with that??? Bucs???

  5. Jimmie Says:

    This could sound crazy to some, but I believe it’s possible that Tampa will knock off New Orleans. In the first matchup, New Orleans faced a much different defense (Bates’ much stubborned 2 gap system with 1 gap personnel) then us fans are use to seeing. Now that Coach Rah is back to the defense we’re all use to seeing, This Tampa 2 defense will give Sean Payton fits. As well, I have a feeling that the bucs coaching staff seen the game tape from the Saints Cowboys game last week and will implement the things that Dallas used on the Saints last week that pestered Drew Brees all game long.

    When the bucs selected Freeman in April, I was ticked off initally, but given with what I have seen. I can definitely say that Tampa Bay made a nice pick. I am hopeful that Freeman develops into the Franchise QB that Bucs Fans have been looking for. To be honest, I like his poise and confidence in the pocket (even though he still has much more to learn), as well this cat can run. To add, I also like the fact that Freeman is not afraid to put a player in his place (i.e. Derrick Ward). I’m hopeful one day that he could do the same to RT Trueblood. Good player, but way to many penalties though.