Freeman’s All Over The Place: Good And Bad

December 26th, 2009

Joe enjoys the many reader comments that appear here. Especially when Joe’s former-Buccaneer pals weigh in.

Recently, following one of his popular QB Blast columns, ex-Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson answered a question about Josh Freeman’s mechanics.

Joe found it interesting, so here it is for all to read:


Right now, like many a rookie QB before him, Freeman is a combination of everything: confused at times, poorly aligned with his feet, which means missed targets with throws, and delivering awesome throws, which give us all hope.

He is like an amateur golfer right now. He is somewhat erratic off the tee and in the rough. But he occasionally hits the ball so perfectly that even though you are frustrated most of the round, it is just enough to get excited about coming back to the course one more time.

I did some stop-action analysis on the Seahawks game, both the warm-up throws that John Lynch said he had never seen a QB throw so much before the game and also in-game throws. I was surprised at how side-armed and off-balance Freeman was in his warm-up throws and misaligned on his in-game throws.

Also, I understand his apprehension in the red zone with his recent turnover binge, but he had a sure touchdown pass to Sammy Stroughter in the flat yet decided to overthrow Antonio Bryant out of the side of the endzone.

Will he work hard enough to take his game from amateur duffer to PGA pro? Does he have the coaching to improve the technical fundamentals of his stroke?

Yes and no. I like his mental game and think he will improve that part of his game. I don’t think there is anyone around One Buc to tighten up his mechanics (which is just like most other NFL teams).

4 Responses to “Freeman’s All Over The Place: Good And Bad”

  1. Fredrick Says:

    Wow, Jeff, has it already been 18 years since you were even more horrible than Freeman’s worst day times ten in your one and only start for the Buc’s?

    I can still see that inexplicable pick you threw right to Richard Dent (Dent was a DE for all those too young to recall). Game was over right there.

    Oh well, please tell us more about Josh Freeman’s short comings.

  2. chesen Says:

    Uhh, Carlson and every other quarterback throws interceptions? What a putz you are.

  3. Jeff Carlson Says:

    Frederick, Did you read the article I wrote on his 5 interception day? Said he had a good day overall, not shortcomings.
    By the way, that game you reference in Chicago (-12 wind chill, 40 mph winds) was over before it ever started, believe me.

  4. Fredrick Says:

    Yes, and I’ve heard a few other ex-Buc’s from the post ’82-pre-’97 seasons (#62, #93) always quick to toss verbal wet blankets on their sucessors.

    But, sorry Jeff, Ronde Barber ended once and for all the myth the Buc’s are “cold weather losers” excuse in Philadelphia in January of 2003. Brad Johnson played pretty good in that game too.

    You were in your 3rd NFL season for that Bears debacle. I just wonder if ROOKIE Josh Freeman, with veteran and proven NFL playmakers like Paul Gruber, Mark Carrier, Lawrence Dawsey, Ron Hall, and Reggie Cobb on the field that day, could have done a bit better than 8 for 18, 76 yards, 0 TD’s, and 3INT’s?

    BTW: I just checked and it’s 14 degrees in Ogden, Utah! Didn’t you ever play in any cold weather games at Weber? Crazy Jim McMahon was able to be great at frigid old Soldier Field in his day and he played in Utah too.