“Unfair” To Fire Raheem The Dream

December 17th, 2009

Jeff Faine is the latest Bucs player to plead for the safe return in 2010 of Raheem the Dream.

If Raheem the Dream is feeling the heat from his brutal Bucs awful ways, he sure isn’t showing it.

But his players must be feeling the heat because they are starting to come out of the woodwork to support the rookie coach.

First it was linebacker safety Jermaine Phillips. Now, The Mad Twitterer of the St. Petersburg Times brings word that Jeff Faine is also stumping for Raheem the Dream, claiming firing the rookie Bucs coach would be “unfair.”

“I think he’s done great. I really do,” Faine said. “For the first year, I think he’s done as good of a job as he could when you think about all the turmoil we’ve had, all the changes and things. And I give him kudos and credit for having the guts to make those changes as well. I think a lot of people in this position of being a first-year head coach, how do you fire both the offensive and defensive coordinators in the same year? With a first year general manager? I think it shows a lot of guts and a lot of confidence for them to say, “Hey, we made a wrong decision, we’re trying to right this ship and we’re trying to get it right and make the transformation and head in the right direction.”

Faine went on to say he cannot blame Raheem the Dream for the cluster that was the hiring of the coordinators because Faine wasn’t sure whether those hires came from high above at One Buc Palace.

Fair enough. But for Joe, the next two weeks will show if Faine is in the minority or not.

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