Sean Payton Feels Sorry For Raheem

December 29th, 2009

With rumors swirling that Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Cowher has had preliminary talks with the Bucs about coaching the team next year, and Bryan and Joel doing nothing (publicly) to dismiss those rumors leaving Raheem the Dream to twist in the wind, Raheem the Dream is getting support from a division foe.

Saints coach Sean Payton — who went to college with Joe — apparently feels sorry for Raheem the Dream and came out in support of the Bucs rookie head coach.

Vacation Man of documents Payton’s words of support.

“They went back to maybe some of the things they had done in years past,’’ Payton said. “They’re improved defensively, and I said that to Raheem (Morris) before the game and afterwards. They’re playing with good fits and good energy.’’

Joe understands that, short of accusing Bryan and Joel of having financial dealings with a felonious financier, Bryan and Joel do not comment on rumors.

Sadly, the longer they stay silent, the more it appears the Cowher rumors have merit.

Poor Raheem.

2 Responses to “Sean Payton Feels Sorry For Raheem”

  1. Justin Says:

    What do you expect, Joe?

    The Glazers have a TERRIBLE track record with coaching staff transitions. They burned bridges with every single coach let go under their reign. Dungy, Gruden… not to mention general managers.

    Coaches beware, if you come to Tampa, you will leave Tampa in a less than graceful fashion.

    I’m sure there’s some sort of Icarus connection there somewhere…

  2. Tye Says:

    New HC = excitement, HOPE, and more fans in the Seats!

    Morris stays = disappointment, disheartened discouraged fans and many more empty seats at home games next season and in my opinion purposely tanking another season. (what a sad time to be a Bucs fan)UGH!