Carolina Job Off The Table For 2010

December 28th, 2009

If you’re in the camp of Bucs fans who believe Raheem The Dream is a lock to return as Bucs head coach in 2010, then this bit of news might be a waste of your time.

For those who think the Bill Cowher-to-Tampa Bay talk is very real, this post is likely to raise your eyebrows.

The Charlotte Observer is now reporting that Panthers head coach John Fox and his entire staff have been given the thumbs up to return in 2010.

Fox, whose contract will expire after the 2010 season, will not be offered an extension, however. Sources say he is scheduled to make about $6 million next season.

The return of the general manager and coaches could be a reward for upset victories the last two Sundays of Minnesota and the New York Giants.

Another factor, however, could be a potential lockout after the 2010 season. Contract negotiations between owners and players is expected to be bitter. If the owners lock the players out, teams might reduce expenses to prepare for the economic fallout.

It has long been said that Cowher’s first-choice destination to be a head coach again would be in Charlotte, near his family residence.

If that’s off the table for 2010 and Cowher wants to coach next year, where might he go?

Joe suspects Buffalo is not as attractive as Tampa, for a variety of reasons including the zero state income tax in Florida.

One Response to “Carolina Job Off The Table For 2010”

  1. Gary Says:

    One less team for Cowher yes!