Raheem The Dream’s Job Is Safe

December 27th, 2009

 Bucs 20, Saints 17 (OT)

* Big catch and run by Winslow over the middle. Nice

* Bucs are moving the ball well but no results.

* Whoops. Caddy with a major run. If not for Freeman’s interceptions, this might be a game.

* Geez. 98-yard touchdown drive. Now can the defense stand up? A takeaway would be nice.

* Geno Hayes busts up a Saints screen pass. Somewhere, Derrick Brooks is happy.

* Elbert Mack with a major forced fumble and of course, always the ballhawk, Ronde Barber with the recovery. Bucs, to Joe’s amazement, are still in this game.

* First down Bucs. Come on Bucs.

* Great catch by Winslow along the right sideline. Stretched out for the first down. BTW, he has now broken Jimmie Giles single-season Bucs record for yards caught by a tight end.

* King of Turds with a beautiful move to avoid a tackle.

* Dave Moore is begging Greg Olson to run a quarterback.

* Dave Moore is beside himself that Olson won’t run a quarterback sneak. “You’ve got a 260-pound quarterback and one of the highest paid centers in the league. Use them.”

* A bootleg pass. On fourth and one? SERIOUSLY???

* That’s your ballgame folks.

* Saints got away with another penalty. Nice hold on Kyle Moore that was ignored.

* Perfect timing on that tackle by Talib which may force the Saints to punt.

* HOLY FREAKING SPIT!!! Tie game. Michael Spurlock to the rescue (again). Joe is giddy but how freaking stupid is the Saints special teams coach for not kicking the ball out of bounds? Saints deserve to lose this game for such a moronic play. Come on Bucs!

* Why aren’t the Bucs defense containing inside? They all but let Bush walk out of bounds.

* Maybe a game-saving play by Ruud who got a hand on the attempted pass to Thomas on the Bucs-25.

* Elbert Mack with a nice openfield tackle that may have saved a field goal attempt.

* Freaking Sabby Piscitelli and his mistackles!!! Now the Saints have a short field for a field goal.

* Saints really deserve to lose this game.

* Nice Bobby Bowden moment by Saints owner Tom Benson, celebrating the Saints missed field goal.

* Oh-ver-time!

* Keep feeding Caddy the ball!!

* Dave Moore begging for a screen pass.

* Whatta run by Josh Freeman for a first down!

* How much will the running game be hurt with Earnest Graham out?

* Almost seems like Bucs are playing for a field goal. Joe’s not very comfortable with Connor Barth.

* Connor Barth just saved Raheem’s job.

* Did Joe just see Raheem the Dream kiss Greg Olson????

11 Responses to “Raheem The Dream’s Job Is Safe”

  1. George C. Costanza Says:

    So proud, Joe. So proud.

  2. aldo Says:

    i think more than raheem keeping his job (im still wanting cowher) is CADILLAC the man who really got his job at least one more year!!!!

  3. Louie Says:

    If they have already contacted Cowher, I don’t know how safe Morris can be.

    I thought doing well against New Orleans and beating Atlanta would be enough for Morris to keep his job, but it may not be enough at this point.

    Beating the Saints was HUGE.

    If Glazers can’t get a big-name coach, then Morris might get another season.

  4. BucForce Says:

    Getting rid of the Tampa 2 and bringing in Bates was the biggest offseason mistake this team made. And Joe, the final score was 20-17. not 29-17 🙂

  5. sensiblefan Says:

    MAN IT FEELS GOOD TO GET A WIN! Despite the draft pick and coach ramifications, I’ll take a win over the #2 team in the league!

  6. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Here comes another year of the dream. Gay.

  7. lightningbuc Says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if Morris’ job isn’t safe for next year, well it should be. He has rallied this team when all they have had to play for is pride and today were down 17-0 to maybe the best offense in the NFL. That would have been a perfect time for the whole team to shut it down, but they fought and as a fan, that’s all I can ask for. While I doubt we will be contending for the Super Bowl next year, I am much more optimistic and that starts with Morris. PS – Please don’t let Micheal Spurlock go again. Keep him next year – let Clifton Smith return kicks and Spurlock the punts.

  8. dylan Says:

    I would be so stoked to see bill cowher come in as head coach and raheem just take over defence.. raheem deffinatly should not be gone, he is a good coach and the players love him. I think he knows what he is doing

  9. RastaMon Says:

    OK they won a game on emotion…..the NFL is cold calculated science…..I don’t see “the right stuff”…..in the front office staff nor sideline staff to compete at a sustained level of excellence…..today was like a Friday night/Saturday afternoon upset…..
    that said……Freeman deserves the best coaching the Glazers can buy……he has “the right stuff”

  10. justin Says:

    I have been saying for weeks raheem is safe for one more year and bill cowher has denied the bucs have contacted him were he was open about the bills contacting him

  11. Tampa Edski Says:

    God, I just don’t get the Cowher love…the man won 1 SB in how many years in Pittsburgh? And just because the Glazeres *might* spring for a HC does that automatically remove their money problems and allow them to spend on players?

    I seriously doubt that Morris was/is in any real hot water, the Glazers expected to suck this year. 4-12 next year might be a different situation.