“Josh Freeman Is Really A Mess”

December 16th, 2009

Joe has always enjoyed “The Professor,” John Clayton’s takes on the NFL. The BSPN analyst is often level-headed if not well-researched.

So Clayton’s diatribe in the video below on the Bucs, specifically how the Bucs are ruining rookie quarterback Josh Freeman, made Joe pay attention.

In summary, Clayton takes off on Raheem the Dream, the two Bucs offensive coordinators, the overall lack of support the Bucs have provided Freeman whether it be injured (?) receivers and an unproductive running attack.

Clayton also noted the Bucs will likely “go in another direction,” if the Bucs finished 1-15 meaning bye-bye Raheem the Dream.

One Response to ““Josh Freeman Is Really A Mess””

  1. Pruritis Ani Says:

    It’s really a shame as he’s shown some flashes of brilliance that could translate into being a successful QB at some point in his career. Whether he ever be great or a frachise type of QB remains to be seen.

    Given the current situation, it could be and probably will be disasterous for his overall development. I honestly don’t think anyone around him knows what they are doing and he has no “mentor” in place other than Leftwich (scary thought).

    If it keeps up, I fear his future prospects will not only be ruined, but he will inevitably break Vinny Test-cles’s interception record.