Greg Olson Doesn’t Know Who Is On The Field

December 7th, 2009

So many players check in and out on each and every play, Joe can understand how players might make a mistake and be in the game at the wrong time.

But for a coach to call a specific play for a specific player and that player is on the sidelines, that’s borderline inexcusable for Joe.

Yet that’s exactly what happened with Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson yesterday, reports Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times.

Seems as though with the Bucs having a third-and-one situation on the Panthers-3, Olson called for an Earnest Graham dive at fullback.

Problem was, Graham was on the sidelines.

If you were wondering who in the world Chris Pressley is and why he got a handoff on third and 1 at the Carolina 3 in the second quarter, you weren’t alone.

The play, a fullback dive, was intended to be run with Earnest Graham, who has undertaken fullback duties since B.J. Askew was lost for the season to a car accident. But because the ball was at the 3, an assistant who wasn’t identified went with the “heavy” personnel grouping. Olson was unaware until just before the ball was snapped.

“When we realized it was (Pressley), it was too late. That shouldn’t happen because it was Earnest Graham’s play. When we realized, ‘Hey, this isn’t the personnel we wanted in the game,’ we probably should’ve called timeout.”

Bad enough that Olson forced his rookie quarterback to keep throwing when he was having a bad day, and abandoned the run too quick (damn that Chucky playbook!).

Even worse that Olson didn’t know Graham was on the field when a critical run was called for him.

4 Responses to “Greg Olson Doesn’t Know Who Is On The Field”

  1. Johnny D. Says:

    It’s tough to tell who is the most incompetent fool with this team. Is it the Glazer boys? Is it Mark Dominick? Is it Raheem Morris? Is it Greg Olson? How about Jeremy Trueblood? Maybe Aqib Talib? So many choices…

  2. Mark Says:

    fool or not Aqib Talib is one of our best players on defense right now.

  3. Jackson Says:

    Morris admitted this yesterday in his post-game PC. These are the types of mistakes that a young team cannot afford from its own coaches.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Greg, this is your ass. This is a hole in the ground. Any questions? That’s what I was afraid of.