Geno Hayes Ahead Of Derrick Brooks’ Pace

December 21st, 2009

Geno Hayes makes plays.

The second-year man is not 22 1/2 years old and is enjoying his first season as a Bucs starting weakside linebacker.

Now Joe is not insane and does not think Hayes is the second coming of Derrick Brooks just because he did some great things this season, including yesterday in Seattle.

Hayes clearly has a lot to learn about the position and all but said as much weeks ago on his defunct radio show.

But Brooks didn’t even start his first game in Bucs orange until he was about 22 1/2 years old like Hayes is now.

There’s a world of potential there for Hayes.

Brooks and Hayes are often compared because they both went to Florida State and have brought lightning speed to the field.

Joe is excited about what Hayes could become if he puts in the work. Hopefully, Brooks will continue to mentor him.

4 Responses to “Geno Hayes Ahead Of Derrick Brooks’ Pace”

  1. Jdub Says:

    I’d really like to be excited over Geno Hayes, but he’s just too small. I’m tired of our LBs getting run over by the bigger more physical teams. Geno needs to pack on atleast ten pounds of pure muscle if he is going to stand a chance at being a long term starter in this league. Right now he is listed at 6’1″ 223lbs…and I’m not so sure he really even weighs that much. Seeing him next to Barber at OTAs, they looked very close in size. You just can’t stop the run consistantly when 90% of the RBs are bigger than you are.

  2. Jdub Says:

    What we need to do is draft some freak LBs that are 240-260lbs but still have the speed to play the Tampa two.

  3. Jdub Says:

    Sergio KIndle

  4. Matt Says:

    Josh Freeman is ahead of Peyton Manning’s pace!