Faine Says Bucs Had Memories Refreshed

December 4th, 2009

When it’s December and a one-win team is playing a four-win team, there’s not a lot to play for beyond pride, fans, contract incentives and a future deal.

In the case of Sunday’s Bucs-Panthers game, there’s another thing to play for: payback.

For those who thought the Bucs would try to forget about the illegal, vicious hit Panthers sleaze cornerback Dante Wesley leveled on Clifton Smith in October, center Jeff Faine put that to rest on his radio show on 1010 AM this evening.

Faine explained that the Bucs coaching staff made an effort to open the wound that never healed.

“We replayed that hit on Clifton Smith this morning, so it is definitely nice and warm,” Faine said.

Joe finds it comical that Wesley actually told The Herald out of Rock Hill, S.C., that he didn’t think the Bucs would look for him on the field on Sunday because the hit wasn’t intentional.

Wesley shrugged when asked if he was worried about that, hoping his reputation and the communication he has had with Smith will carry the day.

“I don’t think it should be a factor in this game,” he said. “I’m sure when they looked at the tape, they realize it wasn’t anything I tried to do intentionally. There shouldn’t be anything during the game because of that play.”

For those who missed the hit on Smith, here it is below. …Joe’s quite certain the Bucs saw this again and concluded what any objective observer would; it’s a dirty play and very intentional.

One Response to “Faine Says Bucs Had Memories Refreshed”

  1. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I can’t stand that guy. Hopefully he will be repaid for his misdeeds on Sunday. I shan’t shed a tear should an injury like the “Terrible Triad” were to befall him.