Faine Praises Olson, Commitment To Run

December 27th, 2009

It was a thing of beauty watching the Bucs grind out the victory with their running game to beat the Saints.

That was football! It was almost as fabulous as Rachel Watson offering to join Joe for a bubble bath.

Joe can’t remember the last time the Bucs pounded the rock like that. And it felt especially good considering the Bucs have had the ball run down their throats multiple times this season.

Jeff Faine told the good folks at the Times Picayune that Cadillac Williams’ long touchdown run was the result of a new look installed by Greg Olson. And, like any offensive lineman would be, Faine was pleased to see his Bucs stick with the running game despite trailing most of the second half.

That worked, too. Cadillac Williams, who had 30 yards in the first half, added 99 in the second half, including a 23-yard scamper for a touchdown.

“It was something we installed for this game, because of a front they like to use,” said center Jeff Faine, a former Saint. “It gave us a chance to get some double teams up front. We got some great movement on the nose, was able to get him off the ball, and we pulled (tackle Jeremy) Zuttah, and he was able to get up on the outside linebacker, get some movement on him.

“And Cadillac made his move and was gone.”

Faine said earlier in the season, the Bucs’ offense often forgot the running game after getting behind early.

“Yeah, we were down 17, but it was still really early,” he said. “You can’t just give up. That’s what we were doing in the past.”

It’s a real head-scratcher that the new run-first Olson is the same guy who was obsessed with passing on first down prior to the victory in Seattle.

Joe has to wonder whether Raheem The Dream didn’t step in and flat out demand the Bucs run the ball more. Maybe Raheem The Dream even threatened to Jagodzinski his new offensive coordinator.

If he did, then good for him.

9 Responses to “Faine Praises Olson, Commitment To Run”

  1. jlynch1340 Says:

    Nice chest bump by Faine to bad he didn’t knock Morris out of the game

  2. big nick Says:

    Raheem might be worth keeping I know I kinda???hate him but I so conflicted joe help us sort this out

  3. DRB Says:

    What’s there to sort out?

    He is a ROOKIE head coach- and with any other rookie…….


    Any resonable person can see the improvement of the team. Why wouldn’t you give this guy some time to work it out?

    It’s starting to seem like Raheem got “talked into” some things that he never liked such as: Jagodzinski and Bates

    Now that he’s got his hands “back in the team” so to speak- things are looking much better.

    He is doing it his way (for the first time in the season and for the last few games) and it is working.

    Give the man some time……..

    Not based on “hope”…… but on the performance of the team since coach Morris put his foot down.

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Oh God no!

    So according to DRB we Bucs fans will have to wait like 2 or 3 additional seasons while Morris “learns” some more lessons?

    While the Bucs pulled a rabbit out of their hat I’m STILL pissed on the 4th and inches call. Morris has 2 (two) tries to make a 1st down and instead of calling a QB sneak has a QB rollout and missed pass???

    I guess I can see Morris’s improvement because earlier in the year he kicked a field goal in that situation. How many more years before he finally gets THAT call right?

    As for the running game – Jimminy Cricket! We’ve been writting and calling for that since week 2. So the thick sklled OC only takes 15 weeks to learn to call 9 straight running games!

    The sad part of yesterday’s win is that 3 wins may be enough for Radio to keep his job which is sad – really sad.

  5. jlynch1340 Says:

    How do you get talked into being stupid?????

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    jlynch1340 wrote” How do you get talked into being stupid?????”

    He wasn’t talked into anything – he was born that way.

  7. D-money Says:

    I agree with DRB. There is definate improvement and to change caoches again so soon would just be more turmoil not to mention the damage changing coordinators again would do to Josh Freemans development.

    No way ayone with a brain thought this season was going to be any better than what we have seen so far. There has been improvement every week and with the exception of the jets game the they have played their butts off every week.

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    D-money – I disagree 100% with you.

    In the pre-season many people, myself included, thought the Bucs would be much better than 3-12.

    While I had no illusions of a 10-6 season I was hopeful for 8-8 at least – otherwise why replaced Gruden in the first place? Haven’t you heard of don’t throw the baby out with the bath water?

    Morris was SUPPOSED to be an upgrade – as were his OC & DC; they weren’t

    The problem with giving Morris another year is this – he’ll likely F-up the draft picks and this year the Bucs have lots of them. I don’t want Radio Morris picking crap for the Bucs that the team will have to live with for the next 4-5 years.

    As for seeing improvement every week? I find it AMAZING that guys like you see sunlight and roses after the Green Bay game then what happens the following weeks? Tampa got LUCKY against the Saints – did you forget about their first meeting in Tampa?

    According to your wisdom the NY Jets should go to the Superbowl since they beat Indy right? Paying a HC for on the job training isn’t right – Radio knows it as do 90% of the fans.

  9. RustyRhino Says:

    Correct me if i am wrong but did not the great Tony Dungy (no disrespect intended) not have a bad start to his command of the Buccaneer ship? I think we lost several games in a row before things started going in the right direction. How did that work out??? maybe we should have keel hauled him… oh yeah.. thats right he walks on water now.. but in 1996 there where different “opinions” of what to do. The thing that the owners did was let him grow into the head coach position, the same thing that everyone now does not want to allow to happen for coach Morris, i see him making some of the same bad decisions as coach Dungy did or have we forgotten the wonderful explosive offences we had in the “Glory” years of coach Dungy’s command??? it seams every year we got a new and not ever better OC or is it just my recollection of those past events?
    Give coach Morris a chance to work out the kinks of “his” command of the Buccaneer Ship.
    2011 season looks like a wash if no new agreement is reached, why change before that time anyway? Only to have another NEW system brought in.(that will again take time to implement) Only to have all US experts give our wonderfully inept advice on how to run the organization? Yeah what ever.
    I have been a Buc FAN since inception, good years and the long long long history of bad years but i am still a BUC FAN!!!
    And what is this “Radio” comment everywhere about?
    Where is the respect coach Morris deserves, he is the head coach of the Buccaneers. I can only wonder how that would have gone with Tony Dungy.