Does Jack Harris Have No Shame?

December 27th, 2009

Joe was listening to the hillbilly with a thesaurus, Jack Harris, interview Bucs general manager Mark Dominik earlier this morning, and Joe has to believe Harris must have money concerns about his (not soon enough) retirement.

It’s one thing for a young employee of the Bucs to grovel to the master, but for a grown man who has a modicum of respect within the Tampa Bay community and considers himself a journalist to throw away all pretenses of dignity is shameful.

That’s exactly what Harris did with Dominik.

In interviewing Dominik, Harris had the gall to tell Dominik, and the thousands of listeners on the Buccaneers Radio Network, that when the Bucs were destroyed by the Saints Nov. 22, the Bucs “had a real shot at beating” the Saints.

In what universe is Harris coming from? A “real shot?” Really? By what standards?

Why, the Bucs played such a strong game against the Saints, they defrocked their defensive coordinator Jim Bates it was such a close contest.

It’s one thing for Harris to act like he has swallowed a thesaurus — which may impress some homebound little old lady. It’s something else to hijack interviewees on his radio show to jam his not very well hidden agendas down people’s throats.

It’s quite another to outright lie to a listening audience to impress a high-ranking member of the Bucs front office.

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