Chucky A Prime Candidate In Cleveland

December 23rd, 2009

No surprise that Chucky’s old mentor during his days as an assistant with the 49ers and Packers, Mike Holmgren, would want his former student to coach the Cleveland Browns.

Holmgren accepted the Grand Wizard position with the Browns on Monday, and most observers assume he will swiftly replace Eric Mangini as head coach. insider Jason LaCanfora is claiming Chucky would be Holmgren’s first choice. But LaCanfora explains that it’s unclear whether Chucky can get out of his cushy Monday Night Football gig.

Jimminy Christmas, Joe is confident that’s a load of hooey. Joe would bet his house that Chucky can get out of his deal with ESPN and coach the Browns. He’s too smart to have given Disney an iron clad leash around his coaching future.

Joe does wonder whether Team Glazer might entice Chucky with a little under-the-table incentive to take the Browns job and subsequently take himself off the Bucs payroll.

Might be a wise move.

2 Responses to “Chucky A Prime Candidate In Cleveland”

  1. Jdub Says:

    Chucky has little man syndrom. I’m not so sure he’d be comfortable working under Holmgren again. Might feel like a step backwards to lil’ Chuck.

  2. Jam Up Says:

    Dallas is the perfect fit for Gru. But don’t get it twisted tho, Washington will not be outbid.

    I think the Glazers are idiots… fire Gruden for this debacle instead? No thanks. Give me Gru at HC and Dream at DC and we would’ve won 7-9 games this year.