Buccaneers Win… Buccaneers Win!

December 20th, 2009

Bucs 24, Seahawks 7

* Bucs chewing up the clock but they need to get into field goal range.

* Major first down to Antonio Bryant on a bullet from Freeman. Bucs actually look like a team in the second half.

* Unless Trueblood gets called for another penalty, there should be another field goal.

* Terrible pass by Freeman. He tried to force it in (again) double coverage.

* Long field goal attempt from Barth and it’s good. Holy spit! That’s 24 unanswered points.

* Oh, boy. Tanard Jackson goes down holding his right knee. Son of a b…

* Chris Hovan also down. Bucs radio network also said Sammie Stroughter has a foot injury and may not return.

* Think Hasselbeck isn’t taking advantage of Tanard Jackson being out of the game?

* Elbert Mack with maybe a game-saving interception.

* Joe has never been a fan of Matt Hasselbeck and that interception reinforced Joe’s opinion of him. What the hell are you throwing a lollypop like for when you need two touchdowns and one of the game’s better safeties is out of the game? That’s just crazy.

* The Bucs fan radio network just reported that the supposedly best home fans in the NFL are “evacuating” Qwest Field.
* Now that’s the way to run Caddy!!!

* Bucs offense looks smooth in the fourth quarter.

* Freeman has really settled down after being rattled early.

* Geno Hayes is playing out of his mind. He pressures Hasselbeck into another lousy pass.

* And the Seahawks help the Bucs by dropping a pass.

* If the Seahawks have five wins, how awful must the NFC West be?

* Joe just saw someone rocking an Alstott throwback in the crowd. Cool.

* Elbert Mack with his second interception seals the win.

* Has Raheem the Dream saved his job? Joe believes very likely. Going cross country on a near-six hour flight to play to crush a team in one of the most difficult places to play in the NFL, that’s a solid win.

6 Responses to “Buccaneers Win… Buccaneers Win!”

  1. big nick Says:

    I still hate raheem

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    Me Too!! And now we may be screwed out of that first pick.

  3. Greg Says:

    The Bucs looked good in the second half, but man, that first half was BRUTAL!! So long Suh!

  4. J Lynch says Says:

    ME three I Really hate Raheem

  5. justin Says:

    I like raheem and we were not going to have the first pick anyway

  6. big nick Says:

    Justin ur a F@g so we dont care if you wanna suckle raheem, he is a joke just like the size of your manhood!!!!