Antonio Bryant Talks “Antonio Bryant”

December 2nd, 2009

By far the best interview on the Bucs roster, Antonio Bryant let it hang out today to the throng of media at One Buc Place.

Bryant’s not a happy man.

Regardless, Joe loves Bryant and respects his talents. Plus, whenever Antonio Bryant speaks, he refers to himself as “Antonio Bryant.” Joe understands and enjoys all that third person stuff.

Today, Bryant showed himself to be completely exasperated by the Bucs not feeding him the ball 10 times a game. Those fancy Pewter Report fellas, proprietors of the Internet-only fan site known for its message boards and defunct print magazine, were there to take notes.

Bryant on if he’s talked to offensive coordinator Greg Olson about getting him more involved.
“That’s not realistic for Antonio Bryant. The person has to come to me. I have too much baggage in order for me to say something or do something. Anything I say is more than likely seen in a negative light. That’s why I keep my mouth closed. That’s the position I’m in. There are a lot of other guys that can say whatever they want to say and nothing happens. I can throw the ball down on the field and I get a flag. I watch games later on in the day and guys slam footballs and there’s no flag. It’s just my life.”

Bryant drops many other gems that all center around being a stud player in a contract year with second-rate numbers.

Joe would be stunned if Bryant returns next year, considering the demand around the league for No. 1 receiver talent and the fact he’s now taken shots — direct and barely veiled — at Greg Olson’s playcalling three weeks in a row.

9 Responses to “Antonio Bryant Talks “Antonio Bryant””

  1. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Fans always cry and moan about guys who leave their team and go somewhere else and they seem to play better. Sadly this will probably turn out to be one of those situations.

  2. acharlot5 Says:

    The bucs will be in trouble if we dont resign him. Golden Tate/Dez Bryant are the best WRs comin into the draft. They are both First Round talents i highly doubt we go offense in the 1st round

  3. Gavin Says:

    We’ll be better off without this guy. He hasnt produced this year. I mean when he has played what really impact on the game has he made? JMO

  4. Joe Says:


    If the powers that be at One Buc Palace think Bucs fans are angry now, imagine if the Bucs draft a wide receiver in the first round next year?

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    There is always 2 sides to a coin. Let’s look at this coin called Antonio Bryant (AB) shall we?

    1. AB signs a 9.7 million franchise contract early in the season, goes to OTA’s then waits until just before training camp to have his knee scrapped effectively missing the entire preseason. He never developed any rapport with either McCown/Leftwich/Johnson
    2. AB misses several games with a “mysterious” bone bruise that he doesn’t want to comment upon but it just as “mysteriously” clears up. Hunh?
    3. AB complains about being slapped with a 9.7 million franchise tag because its a tough economy and he’s got a big family to feed. I mean 9.7 million isn’t what it used to be…

    On the other hand

    1. With 4 QB’s in camp and this season and with 2 being essentially rookies (JJ & Freeman) what can one expect 40 passes a game?
    2. With a useless turd like Clayton across the field defenses really haven’t had to worry about MC holding onto the ball.
    3. With the O-line looking like a screen door on a submarine it’s a wonder most of the QB’s haven’t wound up in traction this year.

    Bottom line is this – AB will leave Tampa after this year and go to greener pastures. He does have talent but right now the Bucs need to concentrate on the BASICS – like having WR’s who want to go across the middle and who are healthy and LIKE to actually work-out timing patterns with their QB’s.

    For a player earning what AB is making I would suggest one think – SHUT UP!

  6. FlBoy84 Says:

    I’m for bringing Bryant back, provided it’s not an insane contract. Imagine if Carolina improves the QB situation, I’d rather not face a Carolina team with Smith and Bryant as their starting WR’s twice a season.

  7. acharlot5 Says:

    All buc fans know what bryant is capable of.. Lets not forget last year what he did imvsure we all remember that one handed td grab against carolina.. The guy has been injured this year with 3 different qbs that isnt going to help any receiver out.. If i were the bucs id sign bryant now because if we do have an uncapped year coming up do you guys really think we can match the money that Dallas or Washington, New York teams can throw at a Free Agent? Hell no!! Give this guy his contract now before we lose him and throw him the damn ball ive got him on my fantasy team!!LOL

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m with Antonio on this one all the way. We saw this Sunday. He is a play maker and can put up numbers like Moss with an arm like Freeman’s. Olie is a horrible OC (another reason Raheem has failed) and should be relegated to QB coach where he belongs. Keep Antonio, cut Clayton, cut Raheem and Dominick and start fresh with a new coach.

  9. Jackson Says:

    Bryant is a true NFL #1 WR, and he’s pretty tame compared to some, Brandon Marshall, TO, Boldin etc. These guys are VERY hard to find, we have to go all out to keep him here. We have NOTHING close to his class of reciever on this team and even the best rookie, Dez Bryant is no sure thing. This team and it’s QB desparately need to find a way to keep Bryant here. He’s very hungry to win and I think he and Freeman with Winslow could become a big-time force in the near future.